Natural massage oils for body massage

Natural massage oils for body massage

Oils containing massage natural vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the skin , which can not skin to be produced , on its own, and use natural alone or with other oils , including massage oils , essential oils for the benefit of doubling, and advised the selection of massage oils that suits your skin type, as advised By testing them on the skin before use to avoid the occurrence of sensitivity in the skin by applying a few for a few days before applying them to the entire body.

The massage oil makes it easier for the hands to slide on the skin during the massage without friction, and there are many types of massage oils that can be chosen from. Knowing some of the differences between oils helps to choose the right oil for a person.

How to choose massage oils

Massage oils must possess certain properties that make them suitable for use in this field. Some of the following characteristics are necessary, but others can be overlooked.

  • Density, the  massage oil should not be too thick, and it should be clear.
  • Viscosity, the viscosity of the massage oil should be low, meaning that the oil can flow easily on the skin and not be sticky like honey. When applying massage oil, it must move with the hand.
  • To be absorbed after a reasonable amount of time, the massage oil should be absorbed by the skin but not quickly. Rather, it must remain on the surface of the skin as the massage continues, and then it is absorbed.
  • It does not cause dryness , some oils cause dryness of the skin, and although this effect is desirable in some cases, it is not desirable when massage.
  • Acceptable smell, bad-smelling oils are only used when absolutely necessary. In order to mask the unpleasant smell of oils, which are at the same time nutritious and beneficial, it is recommended to mix them with essential oils that have a pleasant smell .
  • Moisturizing Oils that lock in moisture in the skin and keep it soft are better than others.
  • Fineness , fineness and quality of the oil are also important factors.
  • Other things must be taken into consideration when choosing the right oil for massage, including its cost and side effects .

How much massage oil to use for massage

Usually the body needs 30 ml of massage oil to massage the whole body. Therefore, the cost factor also plays a role, and if the oil has harmful side effects, a full body massage leads to exposure to large quantities of it, and this may be harmful.

Massage benefits

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of relaxation and calm , because it helps to release brain neurotransmitters known as endorphins that lead to a feeling of comfort, and levels of stress hormones , including adrenaline and cortisol, decrease ,  as high levels of them have been found to weaken the immune system.

Types of massage oils

Oils used for massage include the following:

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil with a pleasant smell comes from sweet almond, and it is the most popular type of massage oil to use. It has the best features that a massage oil should have, as it flows well on the skin and is not absorbed quickly and retains its features for a long time, as it is light and not thick, And the best thing about this oil is that it is comfortable for the hand massaging and makes it glide easily on the skin.

olive oil

Famous for its olive oil being the most used oils for infant massage, but it can also be used for adults. It is a gentle massage oil that improves the elasticity and strength of the skin, and its regular use will keep the skin looking and youthful.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a favorite among many, and it is also great for massages. This oil is colorless and light. It is commonly used in tropical coastal areas. It is also very effective for back acne sufferers, as it prevents irritations and does not close the skin pores.

Although grape seed oil is more expensive than other oils, it is also a good massage oil, as it is very light, shiny and silky on the skin. Its rich feel differs from other oils. It is also very nutritious, as it contains high levels of linoleic acid.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is one of the best oils for the human body, as it has a high nutritional value and is useful for strengthening the body building, that is, the tendons, ligaments and muscles. It is recommended to use this oil daily for a warm massage.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is great for people with skin problems including acne. Although this oil is not very good for massage, it is excellent for people with skin problems as it also does not close the pores