Our 5 tips to learn German quickly

Our 5 tips to learn German quickly

Tip #1: Learn complete sentences

Although very useful, German is known to be a difficult language to learn. This probably comes from the complexity of its grammar or its (huge) difference with French. Well, difficult or not, one of the best tips to learn German quickly is to simply learn straight-made sentences. The idea is not to focus only on vocabulary but also to learn useful phrases on a daily basis to get by whether during a trip, at work or at school.

How do I find complete sentences in German? Ah. To answer this question, I can only advise you to go directly to tips n°3 and n°4. Watching V.O. movies with subtitles or reading newspapers will allow you to quickly find useful phrases to know.

You can also find many phrases in some app to learn German. It offers you a selection of the most useful and used phrases, during very specific situations. Because we must keep in mind that while it is good to learn a sentence in German, it is also essential to learn in what context to use it. In order to get it out wisely, and at the most opportune time.

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