Our 5 tips to learn German quickly

Our 5 tips to learn German quickly

Tip #5: Review between 10 and 15 minutes a day


Finally, if it is important to learn vocabulary words as well as sentences, it is especially essential to review what you have learned, on a regular basis. For German, we advise you to revise between 10 and 15 minutes a day. It is not too long, so it will allow you not to fall into monotony. And 10 minutes a day is enough to properly integrate the language into your long-term memory.

In this regard, a short video recap on the importance of regularity in learning a language.

Our resources to help you learn German online

Our site is full of useful resources to help you learn German quickly. Find in the following part all the resources necessary for your (good) learning.

The YouTube video of Cédric who has some tips to reveal to you…

In this video, Cédric reveals 5 additional tips to quickly make progress in German. Yes, this page is a concentrate of good tips to learn German quickly and for free.

Our free guide to the best resources in German

To help you in your learning, and make it a little more fun, we have created a complete and free guide that puts at your disposal all the best resources on the web to learn German. In this guide you will find youTube channels, websites, TV and radio channels, or very good newspapers to read in German.

Ressources pour apprendre l'allemand - gratuit

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