Pasta With Asparagus And Assorted Vegetables



Italians consider Italians to be true masters of cooking pasta. It was they who fell in love with the world in the famous products of wheat dough.

Super fast, nutritious and delicious dish has become the culinary symbol of Italy. In combination with a variety of vegetables, sauces and cheese, it is served in every local restaurant.

We offer you to feel the cozy atmosphere of Italian establishments by preparing spicy pasta with asparagus and assorted vegetables . Our frozen vegetables will make the dish juicy, rich in vitamins and give it bright colors.

Choose pasta from durum wheat – the only Italians recognize. They cook longer than usual – about 15 minutes, but they keep their shape well and do not fall apart, even if you digest them a little. And also – they are better in taste and texture. The “right” pasta is rich in healthy carbohydrates, so it will be a great addition to a healthy diet and will not harm the figure.


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