Peru: President Pedro Castillo Deposed and Jailed | Walfnet

The president had tried to dissolve parliament as a last resort on Wednesday. But he was finally dismissed by parliamentarians for “moral incapacity”, in an incredible day of political crisis in Peru.

It all happened in just a few hours. A new political crisis hit Peru during the day this Wednesday and led to the removal of the left-wing president Pedro Castillo elected in July 2021. He was transferred to a detention center in Lima for a maximum of fifteen days. Most of his opponents accuse him of having organized a “coup d’état”.

At noon, the president, largely politically weakened, used his last letter in trying to dissolve Parliament to draft a new constitution. A coup attempt, for many, that led to his overthrow just two hours later. It was his vice president, Dina Boluarte, who was sworn in as head of the country, the first woman president of the South American state who could hold this position until 2026. Pedro Castillo fell after what was a third impeachment attempt by the right-wing parliament. . He was accused of “moral incapacity” in a vote broadcast live on television and approved by 101 parliamentarians out of 130. Before him, two other presidents had fallen for the same reasons: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, from the right, in 2018 and Martín Vizcarra. , downtown, in 2020.

According to Peruvian media, the deposed president was transferred by helicopter to a base of the special police forces, while the prosecutor’s office began raids on the presidential palace after the departure of its main occupant. A new investigation for “rebellion” has been opened.

According to the police, Pedro Castillo had planned to take refuge in the Mexican embassy and request asylum after his attempted dissolution that did not work. But the security services managed to stop him before he could.

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