Pictures head massage the Indian way and get its many benefits

The method of massaging the head in the Indian way is a method inherited from the Indian heritage for nearly 4000 years and it is very useful because it works to strengthen the body and treat it from many diseases and this method has spread widely in the Western world because of its multiple benefits. Here we offer you to educate yourself on the steps of doing an Indian head massage as you can learn how to massage the body

First: getting ready for a head massage

1- Find a quiet place with good ventilation and a moderate temperature.

Turn on soft music,
light some candles

2- Prepare a comfortable seat for the person you are going to do the massage for: tell him what you will do, stand behind him, put your hand on his shoulders and ask him to take a deep breath and ask him also to tell you if he feels any pain.

3- Shoulder massage: Start with a light movement from the neck to the shoulder, then start to increase the pressure and repeat this movement 3 times.

4- Move your hands toward the spine by making a circular motion with your hands on either side of the spine.

5- Massage the top of the shoulders: put your forearms on the sides of the neck, press them and pull your hand until you reach the shoulders, repeat this movement 3 times.

Second: neck massage:

1 – Work on the area under the skull in a circular motion until you reach the hairline area.

2- Neck massage: Place the hands of the person you are massaging in front of his head to keep it from falling forward and press the neck area gently until it reaches the lower part of the neck and avoid pressure on the vertebrae.

-Once you reach the hairline, keep pressing gently on this area for a minute, and repeat that with the lower neck as well.

3- Slowly tilt the head forward and keep your hand on the hairline area.

4 – Move the neck back: move the neck back vertically and do not put pressure on the neck as you move it, but move it as much as is allowed.

Repeat this movement by moving the head back and forth three times.

Third: massage the head

1 – Take a step back from the person you are massaging, and loosen the hair if knotted, spread your hands and fingers on either side of the head, move your hands gently as if you were applying shampoo to the hair.

When you reach the top of the head, lift your fingers, but keep your hand in contact with the head, then move to another area of ​​the head and so on until it covers all parts of the head. Repeat this movement four or five times.

2- Massage the scalp back and forth on one side of the head and repeat the same movement for the other side.

3- Continue massaging the scalp gently until it covers all parts of the head for a minute.

4- Put your fingers on top of the hair at the forehead and massage until you reach the end of the hair, then place your fingers again at your forehead and gently press your fingers in a circular motion until you reach the eyebrow.

5- Finally, place your hand at the forehead and very gently pull your hand to the back of the head and continue to do so for a minute, then pull your hand out of the head.

6- It remains for you to know what is the benefit of this massage, which includes multiple benefits for your health, such as:

Helps get rid of pain and stiffness of neck and shoulder muscles.

  • Increased mobility of the neck joints.
  • Renewable energy.
  •  Reducing stress and depression.
  •  Improve focus and enhance memory.
  • Breathe deeply and calmly.
  • Healthy hair and scalp.
  • Increased self-confidence, awareness and self-esteem

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