Pink Jasmine Salon and Spa in Dubai offers therapeutic chocolate massages

Chocolate returned to the fore in the 21st century  in aesthetic treatments, and is widely used in spas around the world. It is used to relax all types of massages.  And you can imagine how the delicious dark chocolate covers your entire body from head to toe to give you a feeling of happiness more than ever since the experience of a chocolate massage will be an unforgettable experience for life.

And in this treatment, you will be immersed in therapeutic swirls of dark chocolate, which will relax the muscles of the body starting from the neck to the feet in just minutes. This massage is known as   Chocotherapy And a chocolate massage can be more beneficial to your health than you expected as it can help in slimming the body. 

Chocolate rubs all over the body, and just as cocoa has the ability to induce “happiness particles” when eaten, it has a similar effect when applied directly to the surface of the skin. This effect stimulates the body and produces endorphins that help get rid of fats. Also, massage using organic chocolate is a healthy choice for you and your skin.
And for all chocolate lovers, the mixture of massage and chocolate, which stimulates all the senses and reduces stress. This particular treatment affects the mind, spirit and body. Available through a 1-hour chocolate healing massage, stress relief and pain relief, at a cost of 550 dirhams. And to benefit from the benefits of the treatment to help slimming with massage, book to try the complete chocolate treatment. Enjoy a healthy chocolate massage in a pleasant and fun atmosphere at Al Yasmine Pink Salon and Spa , located in the Dubai Trade Center for Hotel Apartments, Sheikh Zayed Road