Post-cupping instructions

Cupping began many years ago in alternative medicine, and many still undergo it to this day, but do you know what the post-cupping instructions are?


Many use cupping to treat some health problems, but then it’s important to do some instructions, here are the post-cupping instructions in this article:

Post-cupping instructions

It is always preferable to take into account some of the instructions and instructions after cupping, which we summarize in the following:

1. Maintaining the moisture of the body

It is important to drink a large amount of water to keep your body hydrated after undergoing surgery.

It is recommended that the water be at room temperature and be taken before and after the session for 24-48 hours.

Maintaining the moisture of the body helps to expel toxins that cupping has pulled to the surface of the body.

2. Eat

With regard to food and cupping, it is advisable to have a snack after cupping, although it is possible to eat the day before the cupping.

3. Minimize physical exercise

One of the most important instructions after cupping is the need to reduce physical sports, especially violent ones, and preferably replace them with light sports such as walking or yoga.

4. Stay away from cold weather

It is important to avoid everything that causes the cold weather around you, such as sitting in front of the air conditioning or in cold and stormy areas.

The reason for this is that cupping contributes to the opening of canals and pores making them vulnerable.

5. Avoid bathing

Try to avoid bathing or even swimming during the day you have had a cup.

The reason for this is because of what we mentioned about cold weather as well.

6. Massage in case of pain

If you feel any pain after the session or notice that the marks from cupping are dark in color, you can massage them as this helps promote healing, as it stimulates the flow of blood circulation to the area.

7. Other instructions to be done after cupping

In addition to the above instructions, it is preferable to follow the following instructions as well:

  • Keep the area treated with cupping covered and warm.
  • Avoid alcohol.

You may feel tired after a cup, and you may have flu-like symptoms,which is normal.

This is the result of the detoxification that was released during the cupping session, simply take it easy, get extra rest and take good self-care.

Is cupping painful?

Many wonder if cupping treatment is painful, the answer in short is that this treatment may be accompanied by a slight feeling of pain.

At first you’ll feel like a suction, so when you put the cups on the skin, this sensation passes quickly as the processor moves on to place the next cup.

The side effects associated with surgery are limited, namely, bruise-like signs, which disappear after about three to five days, depending on the severity of the condition.

Information you may be interested in cupping

It is important to know what cuppingis, is a treatment that includes heating the skin and placing cups made of various materials such as glass, by heating the air inside the cup, when the cups are placed on the skin, the tissue is pulled with these cups, which increases blood flow and relieves connective tissue and stimulates healing.

Cups are often placed on the back, neck and shoulders area or in the place of pain.

It is worth mentioning that cupping may cause bruises and temporary aches, depending on the degree of suction resulting from the vacuum and the level of internal stagnation which gives a positive result and indicates the success of the operation and the removal of toxins from the body.

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