Pregnant woman massage, the most important tips and advice

Pregnant woman massage, the most important tips and advice

Massage or massage is one of the most important means that can renew the vitality of a pregnant woman, because of its many benefits .

A pregnant woman needs to renew her energy and enjoy moments of physical and mental relaxation to alleviate the pain that she experiences during her pregnancy, so massage is one of the safest solutions for this.

If the massage is done correctly, it does not pose any risks to the pregnant woman and her fetus, on the contrary, it is a ritual of necessary care that a woman needs as a result of the changes that occur in her body and mind as a result of pregnancy. The massage gives her a physical and emotional balance.

A pregnant massage helps relieve tension, anxiety, and the pains and aches that afflict her in her legs and back, as well as helps her fight insomnia and sleep well. Massage reduces the body’s secretion of the stress hormone and also the hormone cortisol, which causes feelings of fatigue and increases the secretion of the hormones serotonin and dopamine for rest.

The correct way to have a beneficial massage

Many resort to aromatherapy or thermal massage, thinking that it is the most beneficial for the body. However, even for ordinary people, the best massage is regular using the hands directly on the body, which improves blood circulation, which contributes to the delivery of blood to all parts of the body.

For a pregnant woman, massaging her body should not exceed 60 minutes, taking care to use the bed proportional to her stomach and place pillows on it that give her comfortable positions while doing the massage.

Chest and nipple massage

One of the most recommended areas for a pregnant woman to focus on is the chest area, especially the nipples. You can use natural cocoa butter or unsalted olive oil to massage them, starting from the fourth month, which marks the beginning of their large size.

Massage with light circular motions to improve blood circulation. You can also use gentle pressure on the tips of the nipples to relieve engorgement and swelling of the breast.

Facial massage to avoid the appearance of wrinkles

It usually occurs to a pregnant woman, severe swelling of her face. After pregnancy ends and returns to its normal size, it may leave broad lines that turn into wrinkles over time. Therefore, you must be careful to massage the face at least five minutes every day to avoid dryness, roughness, and the occurrence of cracks. Moisturizing face creams can be used with a massage.

Pregnant woman’s belly massage

The most affected and changed in a woman’s body after pregnancy is her stomach, which swells badly. After pregnancy has ended, it is common to experience sagging, extra skin and cracks across your stomach. Therefore, daily abdominal massage improves blood circulation, which protects you from the previously mentioned problems. It also reduces pain and cramps. Be very careful when performing an abdominal massage, do this with very light movements and do not press it hard. Natural olive oil can be used with a massage to increase its efficiency.

The effect of massage on the fetus

Despite the many psychological and physical benefits of massage for a pregnant woman. However, many women are afraid to do it for fear of damage to their unborn children. To avoid any problems, we recommend that you consult a specialist who will guide you in the type of massage that is right for you.

In general, massage should be avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the sensitivity of this period to the mother and her fetus, and it should be done by the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

In the end, it is advised that the massage be performed by a specialist and an expert, with the advice of a pregnancy doctor, to avoid any health problems.