Psychologists Explain 6 Common Things We Can’t Do in Our Dreams

6.Tasting food

Psychologists Explain 6 Common Things We Can’t Do in Our Dreams
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An expert says that people rarely get to feel the “full eating experience” in dreams, and we tend to remember that we were about to eat or that we were just done eating. But if we manage to remember the process itself, we might experience problems with identifying what exactly we were eating and what this food tasted like.

But sometimes, people get to feel the taste of food in their dreams, which is especially common among lucid dreamers. In our dreams, our brains create dream experiences for us either basing it on the real-life experiences we’ve already had, or we come up with our own idea of how some things might feel. So food might taste just like you’ve imagined it, better, or have an unpredictable taste based on your expectations and memories.

Bonus: Reddit users shared what things they couldn’t do in their dreams.

  • I used to never be able to walk on my feet. I was always levitating in a strange way, it was as if someone was always holding me up. @AttackParty / reddit
  • I can’t run without tripping or use logic to hide. My hiding skills are legendary in my family, but in dreams, it’s like I’m walking around with a giant balloon that says, “I’m over here!” @AnneAuthor / reddit
  • I can’t turn on lights, drive any ground vehicle, swim, or even float. @tangyradar / reddit

  • I can’t recall names or numbers from dreams. Even if they’re shown to me multiple times in the dream. @Phantomdust84 / reddit

  • I can’t blow candles out on a birthday cake. @The1983 / reddit

What everyday things can you no longer do in your dreams? Or maybe you’re able to perform some of the actions mentioned in our article! Tell us down below.

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