Relaxing massage is effective for psychological calm and muscle relaxation

Relaxation massage is an ideal source of comfort, through which muscle spasms are eliminated, blood and lymphatic circulation improves, as well as tension and anxiety. Relaxation massage is considered like many other massages, such as anti-cellulite massage (stretching of the skin), sports massage , and special massages for pregnant women ,   all of which aim to achieve comfort and psychological and physical well-being of our bodies.

The demand for massage therapy has become constantly increasing, as many people who suffer from chronic diseases and did not find their treatment in traditional medicine have found their way in massage therapy. My lady, if you have never tried this magical treatment, our topic will convince you of the necessity to make an appointment at the nearest resort and at the earliest opportunity.

The rapid development of our modern life causes the emergence of various psychological problems such as tension and excess nervousness, and if you do not allocate time for yourself to relax in the midst of all these changes, it is difficult to get rid of all these inconveniences. Apart from medical massage, relaxation massage is an effective alternative to eliminate depression and stress by providing comfort and relaxation.

What do we mean by a relaxing massage?

It is a technique similar to therapeutic massage, as it gives you real moments of relaxation and peace, both mental and physical. This massage is generally suggested by a physiotherapist, and this does not mean that it is not used by other specialists such as psychiatrists and massage therapists others.

To allow the body to relax, relaxation massage works on both the physical and psychological levels. Physically, the massage relieves you of muscle spasms and fatigue, in addition to joint pain resulting from daily fatigue, as well as eliminates toxins that lead to depression and nervousness. 

Once your body gets rid of tension and stress, your muscles and joints relax and regain their flexibility.

Massage has a direct effect on the brain, as removing toxins from the body improves its oxygenation (the reaction of its cells with the element of oxygen).

When do we advise you to use a relaxation massage?

To ensure you get the best results, we recommend that you do a relaxation massage in the morning before you head to work or in the evening at the end of your day, during these time periods the body is fully prepared to benefit from the advantages and benefits of this massage.

Practicing a massage upon waking prepares you to face your day full of hard work, and practicing it after a long day of work frees your body from the pressures and tensions.

The relaxation massage lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and a half according to the patient’s needs, and a person cannot determine this period until after consulting a specialist, the latter determining the necessary time after a thorough examination of the patient’s physical condition. To avoid stress before the massage session, the patient can wear clothes that make him feel comfortable during the session. The massage room should also be quiet and provide a feeling of reassurance and relaxation.

To encourage you to experiment, here are the benefits of a relaxing massage :

This type of massage has many benefits, so applying it regularly helps:

Eliminate stress, depression and other complications of excess nervousness.

Regulating blood pressure.

Reducing some diseases related to the heart and arteries.

Reducing acute breathing problems such as asthma.

Improving the patient’s intellectual capabilities thanks to his elimination of constant anxiety.

Putting an end to insomnia and lack of sleep.