Scalp Massaging Method For Hair Growth Amazing results

You may have heard about hair lengthening and thickening massage and are wondering if this is true?

Yes, one of the important purposes for which many people resort to head massages is to lengthen and intensify hair.

As head massages stimulate blood flow in the blood circulation, and thus it enhances the blood supply to the scalp cells that contain hair follicles, as hair follicles need access to blood with nourishment in order to enhance their strength and improve hair freshness and vitality.

Benefits of a head massage for hair

The head massage has many benefits not only for hair, but for the muscles and cells of the head as a whole, but we will highlight the advantages of a head massage for hair, and among these benefits are the following:

Reducing and relieving a person’s stress and anxiety levels

Massages and massages of the head muscles help relax these muscles, and thus feel comfortable and relaxed, which reduces the psychological tension of a person, as this tension and anxiety are among the strong causes leading to weakness and hair loss.

Improving scalp blood circulation

Scalp massages help to stimulate and enhance blood flow in the blood vessels in the scalp area, as the natural blood flow in that area enhances the access of the necessary nutrients to the cells, thus nourishing the roots of the hair follicles and gaining strength and vitality.

Promote collagen production

One of the important benefits of a head massage is that it helps the scalp tissues to produce collagen, which is necessary to revitalize and repair damaged hair cells, thus helping to restore life to hair cells and hair follicles to grow again.

Activating sebum secretions in the hair

One of the strongest signs of hair health is the regularity of the secretions of the sebaceous glands in the hair. Massages treat the dry scalp by stimulating the secretions of the sebaceous glands, and it also regulates the work of these glands in the case of oily hair.

 Hair lengthening massage method

Before starting, it must be clarified that the secret of hair extension massage is in continuity, as daily and continuous massage gives impressive results, and you will notice the difference within days.

There are certain areas on the head massaged that helps to intensify and lengthen the hair, and these areas are the top of the forehead, the back of the head, the back of the scalp and the entire scalp, methods of massaging these areas are as follows:

  • The method of massaging the top of the forehead

The area of ​​the upper forehead or forehead is massaged with circular motions by the fingers, these movements help to stimulate blood flow in the front of the head, and thus help in strengthening and lengthening the hair in that area.

  • Method of massaging the back of the head

The area of ​​the back of the head below the hairline is massaged by circular motions using the fingers, and it is also possible to massage and pressure with the thumb in that area, which stimulates blood circulation in this area, and thus enhances the blood supply to the scalp, thus increasing hair and its vitality.

  • Method of massaging the back of the scalp

The back of the scalp massaging movements are made from the neck to the top of the scalp, in order to stimulate the work of blood circulation in this area.

  • Method of scalp massage for hair growth (the entire scalp)

In the end, the entire scalp is massaged up and down, with the use of circular motions, to stimulate blood flow to the entire hair follicle of the scalp.

Is it possible to massage the scalp with a natural oil?

It is preferable when massaging to use one of the natural oils that are beneficial for the scalp and nourish the hair, such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, garlic oil, and so on.

Massaging the scalp with the use of these oils helps the oil penetrate all the hair follicles down to the hair roots, which are the most important area in the hair.

If the hair roots are nourished with these oils, the benefit is stronger, and the person gets the results of hair length and strength in a short period with regular use of these oils with massage

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