Self-massage is a natural remedy to stimulate blood circulation

  • When we complain of a pain or cramping in a region of the body, massage, that is, doing some studied movement maneuvers by the hand, is useful in relieving pain or cramping, and it also promotes relaxation and psychological comfort, but brings immediate relief to the whole body as a result of the release of hormones Brain endorphins that are more powerful than pain medications. 
  •  And massage not only stimulates blood circulation, but also activates the lymphatic circulation , and in the event that certain points in the body are pricked, the massage leaves effects that affect the cortex of the brain, the central nerves and the viscera, which pushes health forward and perhaps to the prevention of some diseases.
  •  Self-massage that is no less important and beneficial than that performed by a professional massage therapist , and it is possible for anyone to perform it anywhere, whether at home or outside, and it is easy to apply and benefits the owner, as it sends blood circulation in the area and relaxes the muscles And it removes spasms, and its effect may not be limited to the massaging area, but on the whole body, stimulating vitality in all its parts.
  • Self-massage is considered one of the traditional daily practices for the Chinese, and it is an important part of their physical therapy in order to support health and solve some of the problems that arise in it.
  • Self-massage renews the energy of the body by shaking off the dust of fatigue, and contributes to reducing many symptoms that accompany many diseases, such as anxiety , insomnia, spinal diseases and others. And anyone can practice self-massage, especially since it only costs some time.
  • Self-massage does not work with any oral medication and therefore has few side effects .

Head and face massage

  • The signs of fatigue, fatigue and anxiety in humans appear first on the face, as his lines shrink, his palate shrinks and his eyebrows narrow. 
  • Facial massage stimulates blood circulation in the skin, so you get more oxygen , and it also removes spasms, swellings and puffiness from the face, and helps in the dismantling of dead cells and in clearing the pores (openings) of the skin from the fat and dirt trapped in it, and all this plays a role in cleaning the skin and restoring freshness. And vitality to it.
  •  A head massage may be helpful in relieving tinnitus, and in providing comfort for the eyes and eyes .

Face scan

  • It is a process similar to washing the face, after warming the hands, circular movements are made that start from the sides of the nose and end around the eyes, the forehead and the ears.
  •  This process should take from one to two minutes.

Rub the head

  • The fingers of the hands are separated from each other and slightly bent, and then the scalp is rubbed with a kind of appropriate pressure using the end of the fingers, and the process of rubbing the scalp takes about a minute. 
  • Scalp massages have many benefits, as it stimulates blood circulation, facilitates oxygen access to hair follicles, and induces comprehensive relaxation .

Rub the temples

  • The ends of the fingers of the right hand are placed on the right temple area (an area adjacent to the eye) and the same with the tips of the fingers of the left hand in relation to the left temple, and then they are massaged lightly in circular motions clockwise for half a minute, after which movements are made counter-clockwise for a period of half a minute. Other.
  •  Rubbing the temples is useful in calming some types of headaches , especially those caused by psychological and nervous pressures, and in restoring the body.

Jaws massage

  • The fist of each hand is placed on the jaw area located along the nostrils, and then movements are made from the bottom up towards the top, and the movements are persisted for two minutes.
  •  This massage relaxes the lower facial muscles, gives a feeling of comfort, and enhances the ability to express and speak fluently.
  • Pressing the palms of the hands firmly on the ears and then quickly leaving them, and the same movement was repeated four to five times.
  • Wiping the wings of the nose, and the person here fists the hands with the thumbs bending slightly, and then works to wipe the wings of the nose with the thumbs back and forth for two minutes.

Abdominal massage  

  • The right palm is placed on the navel, and the left hand is above it, and then the abdomen is smoothed with circular movements, especially around the navel, as well as movements from the right of the navel to the top and its left to the bottom, and the process is repeated four to five times. 
  • Self-stroking the abdomen plays an important role in relieving the pain associated with some diseases and digestive disorders such as gastritis , colitis, menstruation, gas accumulation in the abdomen and menstrual retention.

Back and waist massage

  • The patient sits on a stool with the head and chest raised to the back, and the back of the back and waist are wiped with the hands from the bottom up and back. This process takes about two minutes.
  •  This massage stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the back muscles and the waist tendons. It is also useful in relieving pain resulting from straining back and waist tissues and muscles , especially those resulting from bad sitting postures.

Massage the back of the head

  • The palms of the hands are placed on the ears so that the middle two fingers touch the bone at the back of the head, and then the index finger is tapped on the bottom of this bone for half a minute.
  •  This type of massage helps relieve painful spasms in the lower neck and back .

Feet massage

  • The fingers of the hand are pressed on the soles of the feet, up and down, and then each of the toes is massaged separately by moving and pulling to the outside. 
  •  Foot massage is useful in combating fatigue resulting from stress, and thus in revitalizing the whole body and revitalizing it .

 Massage and cellulite

  • Cellulite is one of the most important problems that women suffer from, due to the deformities it causes.
  •  And cellulite is not an actual disease , but rather it is a result of the accumulation of fluids in specific areas of the body, causing bloating that gives an unpleasant appearance, and the thighs are two of the areas where cellulite occurs most.
  •  Self-massage is useful in getting rid of cellulite. The matter is by holding the skin between the thumb and forefinger and then wicking it. This maneuver allows the accumulated fluid to be expelled.
  • The process is done twice a week for five weeks, and then it is persisted at a rate of once every week or two to maintain the result.
  • It must be noted here that self-massage is forbidden in some areas of the body where there are injuries such as varicose veins, fractures, muscle tears, skin infections, burns, severe pain in the spine, after recent surgeries , during pregnancy , and when suffering from some diseases Heart, and in the event of urinary stones.


  • The self-massage should be applied according to specific, studied movements that are dominated by the character of strength and coordination and are also characterized by softness, depth and penetration.
  • There is no objection to using special oils such as olive oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, almond oil, paraffin oil, some ointments, or even essential oils in order to facilitate the massage process