Shiatsu massage – massage based on diagnosis

Massage is one of the oldest treatments ever. Among the most famous of its types, there is the Japanese massage known as “shiatsu”. This massage uses pressure techniques to restore the balance of energy to the body and stimulate blood circulation.

Japanese massage known as “shiatsu” depends on the correct diagnosis. Adopting it as a way to rid the muscles of the body from cramping or pain depends on discovering the places where the energy rush in the body is disturbed through soft movements. It is something that requires sensitivity and alertness.

“During the diagnosis, we try to locate the affected areas and find out the extent of the void in them, and then we work to re-fill this vacuum with energy,” says massage expert Elena Sommer Freundt. To achieve this, the energy lines in the body and the ability to self-regulate must be stimulated, which is done through various pressure and stretching techniques using the fingers, hands and elbows.

The “shiatsu” massage helps relieve the effects of sleep disturbances, fear, tension, problems caused by stress, emotional disconnection and sadness. “The effect of massage usually appears a bit late,” says Zomer Freundt. “People need some time to notice the difference after a massage.” “But there are some people who stand right after the session and say, ‘This was really amazing,” adds the massage therapist.

The effects of stress often appear in the back and shoulders. The “Shiatsu” massage relieves these tensions and reduces the intensity of pain. But the cause of pain varies from person to person, so the specialists of “Shiatsu” massage therapists try to find out the causes of pain, which are often due to psychological problems.

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