Shiatsu massage: the integration between the organic and the psychological

Starting around the 1980s, the Western world began to include alternative medicine into its ranks, having reached us from Japan and China. More and more people in the Western world are turning to alternative medicine treatments, which stems from the belief that these methods can solve their medical problems. One of the approved methods of treatment in this area is Shiatsu.

In many developed countries, Shiatsu has been recognized as a place of honor for alternative medicine patients. Many patients turn to this method and other therapeutic methods in alternative medicine because they have lost faith that traditional medicine is able to help them, due to the belief that Western medicine relies more on prescribing specific drugs and solutions, rather than proposing a real solution to the problem. Alternative medicine in general, and especially Shiatsu, is a convenient treatment method for pain or suffering from another problem that does not end at this point.

Shiatsu massage: its history and methods

Shiatsu is a tactile treatment method sourced from Japan. This method stems from the belief that there are different energy channels in the body that cannot be seen, but that affect the internal organs of a person and are affected by them. When a person suffers from a specific disease or pain, he practically suffers from a blockage in one of the energy sources / channels in the body. This blockage leads to symptoms, such as pressure or pain.

The treatment of pain varies according to the type of pain, and therefore it requires different methods. The treatment is done by stimulating the body. And the stimulation takes place after the patient undergoes a process of diagnosis and determination of the location of the blockage in his energy sources. The diagnosis is made through a personal interview, in addition to touch and sight. Then, when the source of stimulation is identified, the therapist begins a series of compression and stretching operations in the patient’s body in order to overcome the blockage.

Shiatsu: You face problems with a massage

This method enables the patient to face various problems in the spine, digestive system, gynecological problems, nerve problems, and others. Contrary to the traditional approach, as in other areas of alternative medicine, shiatsu therapists believe that there is a close relationship between what the body feels and how the soul feels. Therefore, one of them must be addressed in order for the other to improve. As with other areas of alternative medicine, shiatsu therapists believe that the problem should be addressed holistically, not just symptoms.

In order to diagnose the blockage of energy channels in the body, one must have high diagnostic skills, ask appropriate questions, listen to the tone of speech, understand the context and link it with what meets the eye. It is also important to know that each site in the body in which the patient feels pain has a specific meaning, psychological, which is broader and more significant than just simple physical pain.

When do patients turn to shiatsu massage therapy?

There are patients who resort to this treatment only when they feel pain throughout the body, while others turn to it even without feeling any pain, in order to treat the body and relax by pressing the fingers on the body. It is important to clarify that Shiatsu therapists believe that traditional medicine treatments should not be completely dispensed with either, with the goal of achieving better results for both the body and the soul.

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