Shiatsu Massage | Treatment by pressure on points of the body

Shiatsu massage is one of the ancient methods of massage, which can be traced back to the Japanese, and it is considered one of the ancient alternative medicine methods, in which treatment is by pressure on the points of the body, which has become widely used in modern medicine, which many people resort to without us from other types of massage.

The word “shiatsu” in Japanese means finger pressure. Like other types of massage, this massage is used on parts of the body with fingers, but it differs from it in the principle that it depends on.

The principle behind shiatsu massage

The principle on which Shiatsu massage is based was considered a belief prevalent among the Chinese and Japanese in medicine and treatment, as they believe that the human body contains certain points distributed in certain places of the body, these points are called energy points, and each of them is responsible for balance in some part of the body Thus blood flow in this part, and when you feel pain in a part of the body, the energy point in this part is affected by loss of balance, and therefore the blood does not reach this area, so the fingers are pressed on the point in this area, in order to restore Balance it, thus stimulating blood flow to that area and treating pain and inflammation.

Hence, we find that the principle on which pressure therapy is based on points of the body or massage of Siacho is to treat the body itself, by stimulating certain points in the body in order to restore balance to the body’s organs.

When this type of massage entered into modern medicine, scientists saw and proved that the principle of balance points in the body actually exists, and that these balance points are nerve points. And then the person stops feeling pain.

The pressure with the fingers in a shiatsu massage is not a normal, random pressure, but rather it has a specific pattern and pattern, similar to the rhythm of music.

Shiatsu massage method

The massage in the Japanese Shiatsu method is based on the use of the hands only. There is no use of the elbows or any other parts of the body, and no tools other than the hands are used, such as stones, oils, and so on.

The massage method of Shiatsu massage is by applying pressure with the hands or fingers on the surface of the body, so there is no rubbing or tightening of the skin.

Note that shiatsu massage is not used as a treatment for those who complain of skin ulcers or burns.

Benefits of Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage follows the method of pressing some specific points in the body, in order to enhance the flow of energy at this point, and thus the body gets many benefits:

Enter into rest and relax mode

In Shiatsu massage, pressure is applied to the nerve points in the body. When these points are pressed, they in turn compress the nerves of the body, and help them relax and remove their stress.

Treating muscle pain and infections

When pressure on the nerve points of the body, they compress the nerves below them, and prevent the flow of nerve signals for pain or inflammation from reaching the brain, thus reducing the feeling of pain in a person.

Helps treat insomnia

One of the benefits of shiatsu massage is that it helps the body enter a state of relaxation and calm, which reduces stress levels and nervous stress in the brain, so that it becomes ready for healthy sleep.

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