Shiatsu – Pressure on the Body until Healing

Shiatsu , the Japanese method of stress therapy, can help you deal with psychological and physiological problems. Shiatsu has a tradition that extends for many years, and it is reported that many people in the Arab world have recently begun to familiarize themselves with this method of treatment, especially in health and gym clubs.

Shiatsu is a Japanese method for working on the body. The meaning of the word shiatsu is “finger pressure.” Sometimes shiatsu can be described as a massage with finger pressure. In Japan today, people still use the word corresponding to “cure” which means “by hands.” The meaning of this word is that by placing a hand on the body, diseases can be cured. Historically, the technique of using the hands for healing purposes in the broadest sense relates to the source of the shiatsu technique.

Like acupuncture, shiatsu relies on a holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, in which disease is viewed as a result of an imbalance in the natural flow of energy through the body. Shiatsu therapists use the finger and palm of the hand to apply pressure to energy pathways, called meridians, to improve energy flow in the body. The scientific explanation for shiatsu is that it calms the nervous system, thus promoting blood circulation, and relieving muscle spasms and tension.

A shiatsu therapist uses pressure with his fingers, thumb or the palm of his hand to create a rhythmic sequence. The pressure is more local compared to other types of massage because only the fingertips are used for the massage, not the entire palm of the hand.

Certain pressure points may be more sensitive and therefore painful, but therapists describe this pain as “good pain”. If you experience discomfort or pain during treatment, tell the therapist to adjust the pressure so that you feel more comfortable. Most therapists claim that the shiatsu method soothes like the traditional massage method.

Shiatsu treatment is done on the treatment table or on the bed. Unlike other forms of massage, in the case of shiatsu, oils are not used, and the person remains in his clothes during the treatment. Before treatment, they may ask the therapist to wear comfortable clothes.

Shiatsu principles

  • Use of hands alone (without devices, elbows or palms of the feet).
  • Apply pressure to the surface of the body (without rubbing, pulling or fondling).
  •  Shiatsu’s goal is to maintain health and heal illnesses.
  • Shiatsu is useful for relaxation, back pain , headaches, premenstrual symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, neck and shoulder pain , fatigue, injury recovery, tension , pain from arthritis, digestive problems and depression.

Shiatsu is not recommended in the following cases: for people with contaminated diseases, rashes or open wounds, for people after surgery, people who have undergone radiation therapy, for pregnant women (who should consult a doctor before treatment), if tumors are present, and so on.

Tips before a shiatsu treatment

Don’t eat a big meal before shiatsu. If this is your first visit to the Naturopathy Clinic, come ten minutes before the appointment to fill out the necessary forms and get to know the place, if you have visited the clinic before, you can come five minutes earlier to rest and relax before the shiatsu.

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