“Snake massage” .. The latest trend in American massage

A massage center in New York opened a section for massage using snakes, as a kind of offering everything new and giving customers unique experiences during the relaxation process.

Barak Tombe, in charge of snakes massage at the center, said: He has worked in this field for 25 years in more than one country, explaining that massaging with snakes stimulates nerves in the body, and helps to secrete endorphins and oxytocin hormones, which in turn activate the hormones of relaxation and happiness, along with calming the mind and regularity of breathing. And get rid of stress.

He added that there is a demand for this type of massage, and the common reason is the customers’ desire to get rid of the fear of snakes and get a new thrill and experience, explaining that the session lasts 60 minutes and costs $ 290 – according to the «healthy food house» website.

The snake massage specialist pointed out that the matter is not widespread in the United States, but it has gained wide popularity years ago in Indonesia and has become an integral part of what the resorts offer to customers there.

He explained that customers sleep relaxed on the massage bed normally, and non-toxic snakes are placed on different parts of the body, such as the spine, arms, legs, face and back, and as soon as the relaxing music is played, the snakes begin to crawl on the body and relax the muscles.

He emphasized that there are many clients who said that the experience gave them more self-confidence than before, and they left the session with calm nerves and relaxed muscles.

He said that the size of the snakes is chosen depending on the type of massage; Whereas, large snakes are used to relieve stress, while small snakes are specialized in relaxing muscles. Because it crawls between the toes and hands, explaining that snakes are cleaned well before using them and their bodies must be cool to give customers a refreshment during the massage.

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