Spoticar changes insurance company to PSA Seguros

The used vehicle division of the PSA France automobile group has informed its Spoticar network of the change of warranty provider. Peugeot dealers will no longer be able to trust the Cirano and Citroën sites on Icare.

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Spoticar is the new used vehicle label of the PSA group for the Peugeot and Citroën brands.

Through a letter addressed to the entire network, the PSA group and its Business Unit dedicated to used vehicles have just announced that all the homologation contracts of the Spoticar label “I will change the supplier of the guarantee from the 1stAhem September 2021 ». Let’s remember that the VO Spoticar label started its rollout in early 2020with the main objective of internally managing warranty activities.

Icare and Cirano guarantees at the door

In fact, current and future subscribers to a partnership agreement (insurance or management mandate) that covers the cost of repairs carried out under Spoticar’s warranty will no longer work with Cirano for the network. peugeot or Icarus for the network Citroen. The new chosen service provider is none other than sure psa, via PSA Automóviles SA by delegated management, is indicated in the note.

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“In accordance with article 7.5 of the aforementioned contract, the policy that you have previously contracted with the company Icare or Cirano therefore it will stop automatically from the effective opening of the PSA services, which will take place between 1Ahem September 31 and December 2021 at the latest. The opening date of the services will be determined for each site according to the implementation schedule that will be communicated to you.concludes PSA.


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