Steps … the best way to massage your newborn!

Massage is known to be one of the means that helps us eliminate troubles, contemplate everyday problems, and make us feel relaxed and at ease. And massage has an effective effect on the body and the psychological state of the person.
Doctors often recommend mothers and advises them to use massage as a way to calm a nursing baby because of its many and many benefits to it. Here, we introduce you to steps to massage your baby to get the best results.

• To get the best results, it is advised, before giving a massage for your child, to adhere to the following: The
best time to have a massage for the child’s skin is in the evening so that the child can enjoy a night of deep sleep.
Double the effectiveness of the massage if it is performed immediately after the bath.
Be careful not to start the massage immediately after feeding to avoid the possibility of vomiting.

Avoid using products that contain strong perfumes and chemical compounds, and rely on preparations that undergo clinical tests that prove their effectiveness and compatibility with delicate children’s skin, such as Nourishing Baby Oil from Himalaya herbs.
Place the child on a soft, comfortable surface, such as a soft towel.
Warm the massage oil in the palm of the hand before applying it to the baby’s skin.

Gently massage all parts of the child’s body with circular motions.
Talking to the child in a calm voice or singing to him during the massage.

• Steps for the best way to massage a child
1. Legs
The legs are the best place to start massaging because they are less sensitive than the rest of the body. Use a small amount of oil and wrap your hands around your child’s thighs and pull down and move one hand after the other with gentle squeezing or pressure

2. The feet
Hold one foot and gently rotate it several times in each direction, then smooth the top of the foot from the ankle down toward the toes. Switch feet and repeat this massage movement.

3. Soles of the feet
Use your thumbs to draw circles all over the soles of your baby’s feet.

4. Toes
for finishing the feet Hold each toe between your thumb and forefinger and then pull gently until your toes slide out at the end.

Arms Hold one of your baby’s arms between your hands and repeat the milking-like movement from the armpit to the wrist. Then take your little one’s hand gently and move it in a circular motion from her wrist for a few minutes in each direction. Switch arms and repeat this massage.

6. Hands
Slide your thumb over the bottom of each hand of your baby’s hands and make small circles.

7. Fingers of the hands
Hold one of the fingers of your child’s hand between your thumb and forefinger and pull so that he slides his finger to get rid of your fist.

8. Chest
Place your hand flat on top of your child’s chest. Gently massage down the thighs. Repeat this movement, alternating between your hands, several times.

9. The back
Use the tiptoe of your hands to draw small circles on both sides of his spine, from the neck down to the buttocks. Finally finish off the massage with some long, powerful strokes from shoulders to feet.

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