Visit Marrakech in 4 days, the 17 activities not to be missed

Visit Marrakech in 4 days, The 17 activities not to be missed

Formerly an imperial city of western Morocco,Marrakech is the economic and tourist center of Morocco. Between its sublime mosques, its imposing palaces but also its colorful gardens, to visit Marrakech is to take full eyes.

Standing at the foot of the Atlas mountain range,the ocher and red city, as it is called, offers many activities and discoveries in the heart of a very rich Berber culture.

Flagship destination of the Maghreb, just a few hours from France,you will surely be seduced by its colors, its smells, its tradition but also its elegance and the richness of its omnipresent culture.

Here is my top 17 Marrakchies activities not to be missed during a stay in this city with different caps, also called “The Pearl of the South”, and you will quickly understand why.

Practical information to organize your trip to visit Marrakech

Before seeing that visit in Marrakech, here is a small inventory of practical information to organize your stay in all fluidity: weather and journey to get there will no longer have any secrets for you.

Weather Marrakech

Despite a mild climate throughout the year, if you want to visit Marrakech under the ideal weather, I advise you to go there from March to May (spring) or from September to October (autumn).

Indeed, the summer in Marrakech is very hot and you will have to deal with a tourist influx on the verge of the unbearable.

It is up to you to choose what you prefer to visit Marrakech knowing that the hottest months are summer either from June to August (up to 40 °) and that the coldest month is January.

How to get to Marrakech from Paris

  • Aircraft: From Paris, you will only need 3 hours of plane to visit Marrakech, and this for an average round-trip budget of 230-250 €. Many airlines offer this route, but I advise you to book your ticket well in advance to have interesting rates. Compare prices here.

Following this little practical information for your stay, here is my top 14 on what to visit in Marrakech.

The 14 activities to do to visit Marrakech

Visit Marrakech with its large Square of Jemaa el-Fna

place jemaa el fna maroc, Visit Marrakech, Visit Marrakech in 4 days, the 17 activities not to be missed
Jemaa el-Fna Square

The heart of the city, the large square of Jemaa el-Fna is famous for its commercial activity and for its lively atmosphere.

This open-air theater in the colors of Morocco and its culture is a must see during a stay in the red city.

The square of Jemaa el-Fna will offer you all the Moroccan tradition in one place: enjoy a mint tea on a panoramic terrace of the square, drink a fresh orange juice squeezed in the middle of the snake charmers, discover the many traditional dishes, stroll through the souks, negotiate moroccan style, all in an authentic atmosphere , colorful and typical.

The Palm Grove of Marrakech

palmaraie marrakech, place jemaa el fna maroc, Visit Marrakech, Visit Marrakech in 4 days, the 17 activities not to be missed

A little more eccentric of the city, the Palm Grove of Marrakech is more than 100,000 trees planted (palms and date palms mainly) on more than 15,000 hectares.

Created by Berber kings in the 12th century, this huge palm grove is part of the Moroccan heritage and you can not visit Marrakech without visiting its palm grove.

Many activities will be offered such as camel rides, quad tours, but you will also find many luxury hotels or villa of famous people.

Koutoubia Mosque

mosquee koutoubia visiter marrakech, place jemaa el fna maroc, Visit Marrakech, Visit Marrakech in 4 days, the 17 activities not to be missed

The largest mosque in the city,the Koutoubia Mosque is located a hundred meters from the large Jemaa el-Fna square. Accessible inside only to Muslims,it is still worth being seen from the outside.

Indeed, this place of worship gives you a façade with warm colors as well as an impressive minaret overlooking the city. Symbol of the red city, the Koutoubia Mosque is a Sunni mosque dating from 1196 to almohad art.

The Medina of Marrakech

The Medina is the historic heart of Marrakech. Classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is a traditional place in Marrakech.

Indeed, I advise you to get lost in the alleys of the Medina, to discover its historic buildings and hidden riads.

The Medina, also called fortified city, surrounded by its ramparts, is the historic place of Marrakech and offers you a timeless and very mysterious atmosphere.

Due to its colorful souks and full of Moroccan treasures, its neighborhoods with unique atmospheres or its extraordinary atmosphere, the Medina of Marrakech is often the common favorite of tourists of the city.

The Madrasa Ben-Youssef

medersa ben youssef

The Médersa Ben-Youssef is originally a Koranic school not to be missed during your stay in Marrakech. Indeed, built with Arab-Andalusian architecture it has just finished being renovated.

Formerly a school, it is now a treasure trove of architecture and the history of theology. The Médersa Ben-Youssef stands in the center of the medina of Marrakech and offers you the visit of its establishment, namely the rooms of the schoolchildren, a magnificent inner courtyard as well as its walls engraved with history and secrets.

The Médersa Ben-Youssef is a place of immeasurable beauty where history, theology, colors and Arab-Andalusian architecture are related. In short, a cocktail of authenticity.

Visit Marrakech and the Bahia Palace

palais bahia visiter marrakech

Located after the Kasbah, south of the Medina, the Bahia Palace is a palace of Arab-Andalusian architecture dating from the19th century composed of several buildings.

This house offers a superb riad, a first courtyard made of marble and a second smaller courtyard but just as sublime. The beauty of the art in which this palace was built will seduce you for sure.

Visiting the Bahia Palace is therefore an obligation during a visit to Marrakech. You will enjoy colorful and perfume-filled gardens, incredible architecture and sublimely decorated courtyards.

Chapter Agnaou

bab agnaou visiter marrakech

Dating from the12th century and built during the Almohad dynasty, Bab Agnaou is part of one of the ten gates of the city of Marrakech. Bab Agnaou is also the entrance to the Kasbah, located in the south of the Medina of Marrakech.

At the time it was a way to block and protect access to the Kasbah. Composed of several arches, four in number, which exposes the verses of the Koran, Bab Agnaou is one of the most impressive gates of Marrakech.

The Majorelle Garden

jardin majorelle visiter marrakech

A must-see place during a visit to Marrakech, the Jardin Majorelle is the former garden of Yves Saint Laurent. Magnificent botanical garden, the Jardin Majorelle is a place known for its ability to change scenery as well as its colors with blue shades.

Get lost in this haven of peace that gives you a serenity filled with colors. Also a museum of Berber ethnology,the Majorelle Garden is a jewel that is worth a visit, northwest of the medina.

You can even discover the Majorelle garden and Menara by horse-drawn carriage for 51€ per person.

The Gardens of the Menara

bassin jardin menera decouvrir marrakech

Huge free park and open to all of Marrakech, the Garden of the Menara is a large olive grove that was thought and built by the Almohads.

Located about 40 minutes from Jamaa-El-Fna Square,the Jardin de la Ménara offers you its calm, nature and a pool of Atlas water. Indeed, its charm and beauty will seduce you, all facing the Atlas Mountains.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a sublime palace dating from the 19th century. Barely renovated, it offers you a magnificent decoration and sublime gardens of Islamic tradition but also of exotic style.

The Secret Garden is located towards the district of Mouassine in the Medina Marrakchi. Give yourself a few minutes or even a few hours in this place full of history.

Oasiria Marrakech

For a visit with your children, oasiria Marrakech is the perfect place. Indeed, the Oasiria Marrakech is a water park of about ten hectares where it is good to live.

It will make you enjoy its water games, gardens and parks, water attractions and swimming pools. It is a perfect visit to withstand the days of Moroccan heat. You can book your tickets here.

Visit Marrakech and its souks

souk epices visiter marrakech

A visit and a tour of the souks is inevitable during a stay in Marrakech. Indeed, between colors, smells, typical atmospheres and traditions you will be conquered.

Each souk of Marrakech has its own specialty: jewelry, leather, perfumes, spices, carpets, textiles, food, etc.

In short, enough to delight you for a few hours the time of a Moroccan-style bargaining. Small tip during a haggling, reduce the price by half before you start haggling.

The Museum of Marrakech

decouvrir musee marrakech

To know everything about the city, I advise you to visit the Museum of Marrakech. With its magnificent Andalusian architecture of classical type as well as its historical culture, it is to be done. Housed in the Bar Mnebi Palace, it was born at the end of the 19th century.

Cyber Park Arsat Moulay Abdeslam

The Cyber Park Arsat Moulay Abdeslam, before called the Garden Arsat Moulay Abdeslam, is an unbeatable during a stay in Marrakech.

Indeed, this place dotted with shade reveals a historic garden where calm and serenity are lient. Located in the center of Marrakech, the Cyber Parc Arsat Moulay Abdeslam is a garden rich in its varieties of trees and flowers. A visit that will delight young and old alike.

The 3 activities to do around Marrakech

The Cascades of Ouzoud

cascade ouzoud
Cascades_d Ouzoud

The Waterfalls of Ouzoud, 150km from Marrakech, are the highest and most beautiful in Morocco so I advise you to give yourself a day trip (8h) to admire the typical Berber villages, learn from the regional culture and enjoy a picnic and a good swim. You have a great day trip for 20€ per person.

The Atlas Mountains

montagnes atlas

Want a camel ride in Moroccan nature? A real favorite, the Atlas Mountains offers you an impressive landscape. So visit them for 65 € per person for 6 hours of discovery.

Between camel ride, visit of the villages, lunch with the local population and views of the wonderful Atlas, this activity is original.

Desert Safari

Impossible to visit Marrakech without going on a desert safari. My favorite activity is the 3-day desert safari in Merzouga for 110€ per person.

You will discover life in the Berber, sleep in a camp in the Sahara and admire the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets,all on camels.

Between kasbahs, oases, sand as far as the eye can see, valley and typical gastronomy, you will take memories full of head and stars full of eyes.

I also invite you to read my article on the Merzouga desert in Morocco

Conclusion on visiting Marrakech

As you will have understood through this article on my tops of what to visit in Marrakech,the red city will seduce you with its colors, its smells, its incredible architecture but also its culture and tradition strong and omnipresent.

In short, visiting Marrakech in 4 days is to promise a stay filled with emotions, discoveries and authenticity.

A real favorite in the heart of a Moroccan kindness, Marrakech is a multifaceted city that will make your memories shine with a Berber shine.

I also invite you to discover my article on Corsica,another country, but very close to Morocco too!

FAQ visit Marrakech

What time to go to Marrakech?

To visit Marrakech, every month of the year is conducive to a successful stay. But the best is the spring and autumn months because they are the least hot but just as sunny as the summer months. Either, you will enjoy mild weather and this without the massive influx of tourists of the summer.

How long to visit Marrakech?

To visit Marrakech, you will need about 4 days as there are many things to do and see. Coming for only one weekend is short to see all the things to see and discover the city so I advise you to visit Marrakech taking 4 days at least and a week ideally.

Where to go out in Marrakech with your family?

If you want to go out to Marrakech with your family, I advise you to go for a walk in the beautiful Majorelle Garden, to discover the snake charmers of the Jemaa el-Fna Square, to visit the Spice Square of Marrakech, to go for a walk in the souks but also to opt for a carriage ride, or why not a camel.

Where to go out in Marrakech during the day?

If you want to go out to Marrakech during the day, opt for the visit of the Majorelle Garden and its sublime colors. Then go for a ride to the Bahia Palace as well as the Secret Garden. For a discovery walk, go to the Medina of Marrakech as well as the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. A short trip at the end of the day by Jemaa el-Fna square will close your day in the best way.

How to dress in Marrakech?

The outfits to adopt in Marrakech must be clothes adapted to the heat as well as something to protect you from the sun (cap, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses). In a way, I recommend light, fluid and volatile clothes and not too short. Indeed, Marrakech is in a Muslim country so not to be noticed put outfits a little long.

What to visit around Marrakech?

Around Marrakech, you can visit the Ourika valley inhabited by Berbers, the 7 waterfalls of Fatti Setma for lovers of sensations, the Lalla Takerkoust Dam which is an artificial lake in the middle of nature or the Oukaimeden which is a Moroccan ski resort at the top of the Atlas.