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Feet massage or foot massage is one of the most important types of treatment that man has known for millions of years and is still recognized until our time, and in this article we will explain the benefits of foot massage.

This type of treatment is used to get rid of many health problems, and the most important of these problems is physical stress and pain that affects the area of ​​the feet, one of the most important advantages of this treatment is its high effectiveness in getting rid of many of the pain that may affect the feet and this is done in a short time and in a way Safe

This type of treatment was not limited to the medical side only, but foot massage is important and useful in terms of the mental and psychological state.

What are the benefits of a foot massage?

Foot massage has many benefits, including:

Helps sleep peacefully

Foot massage is used to eliminate insomnia and disturbances that occur during sleep, by helping the body to rest and relax.

This is done by raising the foot to the level of the other knee, then pressing the soles of the foot with moving the hands in a circular motion, and it is necessary to massage using natural oils that ensure the best results, such as coconut oil and olive oil, and it is recommended to do a foot massage directly before going to sleep.

Stimulate blood circulation in the body

Foot massage helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and physical exhaustion and ends lethargy and laziness, and it also stimulates the body’s ability to move. When doing a foot massage, the blood flowing to the muscles of the foot and legs increases and thus stimulates blood circulation in them, especially after applying olive oil and massaging it in a circular motion .

It also helps to increase blood flow to the tissues and cells of the body.

Protect the body from depression and help it relax and rest

Foot massage helps to remove and eliminate negative feelings, depression, improve mood, and also increases the effectiveness of mental abilities, including concentration, comprehension and understanding.

Helps reduce spine pain and migraines

It is used in the treatment of headache problems, especially migraines, and it reduces the signs and symptoms associated with problems of the spine, joints and muscles, because it works to increase their flexibility.

It prevents the body from developing a fever and works to control its temperature

The foot massage increases the amount of sweat coming out of the body. All toxins and waste products are eliminated from the body and increase the effectiveness of the immune system, and it helps to control and stabilize its temperature and protect against fever.

Helps reduce high blood pressure

High blood pressure results from exposure of a person to the pressures of daily life and its various problems, and when doing a foot massage, this leads to a relaxation of the nerves, which results in reducing pressure on them, and thus lowering blood pressure.

It protects the body from bloating and swelling as a result of fluid retention in it

When doing a foot massage, this limits the possibility of fluid and water retention in the body, and thus protects the body from the occurrence of any swelling and swelling, which if it occurs negatively affects the health of the body in general, and it should be noted that this problem has a great impact on pregnant women, Especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Contributes to reducing symptoms associated with menopause, before and during the menstrual cycle

When doing a foot massage, this leads to a reduction in the pain associated with the menstrual cycle and the tension, mood and psychological disturbances associated with that period for women.

Among the other benefits of foot massage:

  • Reduces rheumatic pain and protects from ankle problems.
  • It lowers the acids that cause cramping in the body.
  • It also contributes to reducing the level of fats in the blood.

How to do a foot massage?

Foot massage is done with the following steps:

  • Sit comfortably and comfortably and the body relaxed.
  • It is preferable to use a towel under the foot to keep the place clean.
  • Prepare an amount of warm water in a basin of suitable capacity.
  • Put the feet in the basin for at least ten minutes.
  • Put some essential oils in the basin.
  • Gentle pressure on the feet and scrub gently to get rid of dead skin and dirt.
  • Finally, the area should be dried thoroughly with a piece of cloth.

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