The Benefits and Importance of Sports Massage | Important for athletes

With the spread of sports injuries, which cost a lot and a lot of money to treat, the importance of sports massage appears as with the advancement of science for massage sessions and the identification of their benefits and their effective role in treating and relieving muscle pain, certain massage sessions have been allocated for athletes who They complain of infections and muscle pain.

What is a massage or sports massage?

It is the movement, rubbing and pressure movements of the muscles in order to remove pain and inflammation, as well as improve muscle health and help it recover quickly.

He undergoes sports massage sessions for athletes such as football players, basketball, swimming, and the like, as these sports are characterized by great muscle effort, which causes muscle spasms, pain and inflammation, which ultimately leads to a rupture of the muscle.

The importance of sports massage:

Removing muscle pain and inflammation

This reason is considered the most common among athletes who undergo sports massage, as the muscular effort they exert leads to a fatigue in the muscles, and with the continuation of this stress, which results from the large number of muscle contractions, the muscle becomes cramps, and thus the person feels pain and inflammation in the muscle .

Sports massage puts pressure on the muscles and rubbing them, as well as pressing on the nerves adjacent to them, which helps block the nerve signals for pain from reaching the brain.

Reaching a state of rest and relaxation

Sports massage sessions aim to reduce tension and anxiety by working to relax the muscle and reduce spasms, so the movements of rubbing and pressing the muscle with the fingers help the body to reach a state of rest and relaxation.

Stimulate and stimulate the muscle to heal

Most injuries on sports grounds for muscles occur as a result of muscle asymmetry for complete recovery, and sports massage sessions relax the muscle and relax the blood vessels adjacent to it, thus expanding these vessels and reducing the resistance to the passage of blood through them, which contributes to lowering blood pressure and facilitating its flow to muscle cells, which helps On the arrival of blood to the muscle loaded with food and oxygen, and thus the cells are active in producing energy and expelling waste products, which increases muscle strength and activity.

Among the benefits of this massage as well:

  • Increase muscle flexibility.
  • Increased blood flow through the muscle.
  • Improving the psychological state of the person undergoing the massage session.

Sports massage method

The method of sports massage varies according to the area or muscle to be massaged, and in general the muscle is rubbed in a circular motion in order to improve blood flow through it, and this indicates that the person feels hot in the area being massaged, this procedure is considered a warm-up of the muscle.

Then the fingers are pressed with a circular motion, in order to reach and massage the deep tissues, this type of massage works to relax the muscle and reduce tension and muscle fatigue.

Conditions of sports massage

  • The place must be prepared to be quiet and away from noise.
  • The dressing should be calm and relaxing on the eye.
  • It is preferred to use soothing music to calm the nerves.
  • The masseur should be a specialist in sports massage.

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