The benefits of aromatherapy massage in treating stress and depression

Massage with aromatic oils has become abundant in various beauty centers, and it is used by some at home as well.
“Madam Net” asks Sherine Anan, “Director of Public Relations in a health center”, about the benefits of aromatic massage using aromatic massage, and some essential oils, and she replies with the following:
Essential oils are concentrated oils extracted from natural plants, as they help treat the soul and the soul And the body, as it works to rid the body of tension and fatigue, gives a sense of comfort, and helps to strengthen the immune system, and restore balance to the body, and here are the general benefits of what this type of massage or massage does:

Stimulate blood circulation.
Get rid of toxins from the body and skin.
Improve digestion.
Reducing stress, fatigue and exhaustion, and improving sleep.
Eliminate negative feelings and depression.
Get rid of swelling of the legs, feet and hands.
Reducing and treating neck, shoulder, back and joint pain.
Stimulate relaxation and deep breathing.
Treating stress and pressure.

Sherine continues: “The uses of some essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers, which have a very effective effect, can be identified through the following:

Lavender oil: Good for headache, cold, tension and insomnia.
Peppermint oil: useful for respiratory problems, infections and colds.
Eucalyptus oils and citrus oils such as orange and lemon: useful for indigestion, heat, gas, and headaches.
Rose oil: useful for stressful situations, especially for women, during the pre-menstrual period.
Jasmine oil: It is used to remove tension and anxiety, and it is considered an aphrodisiac, as rose oil and sandalwood oil have the same effect.
Jojoba oil: removes colic.
Almond and Lavender Oil: Use for relaxation.
Chamomile oil: works to treat the nervous system, get rid of anxiety and insomnia.
Eucalyptus oil: eliminates headaches, and relieves aches and pains, especially muscle pain caused by sports.
– Black pepper, cinnamon, clove and jasmine oils: they give a boost of energy and activity.
Cypress oils: used for varicose veins.
Sage oil: It works to raise the spirits in the case of sadness and depression, and can be useful in the case of muscle pain, resulting from sports.
– Thyme, frankincense, lemon and peppermint oils: They work to boost the immune system.

Essential instructions
– You must make sure to obtain essential oils from reliable sources.
– Two or more types of these oils can be mixed together.
– Inhaling essential oils after diluting them, has a good and beneficial effect. also.
– You can add the types of essential oils to the bath with warm water, and relax for a period ranging between 15 _ 20 minutes.
– massage a whole must give you a general sense of calm and relaxation and health.