The benefits of Chinese massage for slimming

The benefits of Chinese massage for slimming

Massage is a French word meaning friction, and its synonym in Arabic is touch, meaning touch and treatment, and in Latin it means kneading, and massage is defined as the massage of the superficial layers of muscles and connective tissue, tendons and ligaments of the skin, joints and lymph vessels; With the aim of improving its functions on the one hand, and giving the person a sense of relaxation and well-being on the other hand, the massage is based on the systematic pressure on the Chinese meridians in the body in a steady or moving way, using hands or machines, as well as Chinese massage depends on the acupuncture of Chinese, and here it should be noted that The process of massage requires a person to lie on a table, chair, or mat, where his body is exposed where the massage is, while covering the rest of the body with a suitable towel, and massage is an effective treatment in many of the matters that we will talk about in this article, in addition to talking about his role in losing weight.

Chinese massage

Conditions for starting Chinese massage

  • Use some type of moisturizing cream or oil.
  • Trim your nails for fear of scratching or hurting the skin at the site of the massage.
  • Avoid massages after extreme fatigue or weakness.
  • Delaying massage until after eating a reasonable period, with the necessity to avoid it in the early morning on an empty stomach.
  • Refrain from massaging the affected areas with burns, infections, or sores.
  • Refrain from massaging the abdomen and lower back areas of women, in cases of menstruation and pregnancy.

The benefits of Chinese massage for slimming

  • Increase the flexibility of the body, and soften the fats, which makes their loss faster, but the massage must be combined with diet and exercise.
  • Increasing blood flow in blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation, leading to an increase in body temperature to break down fats and get rid of cellulite.
  • Rid the body of toxins and put them out.
  • Curbing the appetite, which leads to a decrease in the desire to eat.
  • Tightening the body and removing flabby, which leads to improving its external appearance.

General benefits of Chinese massage

  • Get rid of moisture and coldness in the body.
  • Eliminate joint pain, back, neck and shoulders. Psychological relaxation, and the expulsion of anxiety and tension.
  • Relax the mind, and get rid of negative thinking.
  • Smoother skin, clean pores.
  • Removing dead cells.
  • Improving the work of the immune system in the body, by increasing the number of white blood cells.


Massage is prohibited in any of the following cases:

  • Injury in the spine area, whether it is an infection, jaw joint, or cancer.
  • Muscle tears.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Vein thrombosis and heart disease.
  • High body temperature.
  • Epilepsy.
  • shortness of breath.
  • Internal bleeding in the heart, brain, bladder or lungs.