The benefits of facial massage to remove wrinkles and skin health

The benefits of facial massage to remove wrinkles are great, as the massage that is done for the face is one of the ways to resist the appearance of wrinkles, as it robs the skin of its freshness and vitality and shows the progress of a person in age clearly and clearly, and the appearance of facial wrinkles deprives women of their femininity, so women in particular resort To do a facial massage, and to get the desired and expected results, it is preferable to do a daily and regular facial massage.

Benefits of facial massage

With regular facial massages, many benefits can be obtained, including:

Relaxes the face

Facial massage contributes to the elimination of signs of fatigue and stress, as it leads to the elimination of frowning, also facial massage gives the body and face a sense of comfort and relaxation, for a more beautiful and bright appearance.

Smoothing and moisturizing the face

When doing a facial massage, creams and some types of natural oils are used, which help get rid of dead skin or dead cells on the face, by exfoliating them, and thus the face texture becomes smooth and more fresh, in addition to the face massage treats dark circles and unifies the color of the skin .

cleaning the skin

Massage helps remove dirt from inside the pores, such as the dirt that accumulates on the face through daily activities, or the oils that the skin secretes daily, as well as the effects of make-up and cosmetics, and thus face massage works to protect against the emergence of acne or pimples, and also eliminates blackheads .

Tighten facial sagging naturally

Facial massage is an exercise for all facial muscles, and thus works to tighten them and remove sagging that may be present under the chin, neck or cheeks, those sagging resulting either from aging or weight loss, and it also delays the signs of aging, those signs that are Wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes, around the mouth and forehead. This demonstrates the importance of a facial massage as it preserves the skin’s youth and freshness for a long time.

Stimulate blood circulation

Facial massages and massages increase the flow of blood in the arteries of the face, and this helps to supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients carried with blood, which gives it freshness, health and vitality, and it also gives the cheeks area a natural redness.

Get rid of anxiety and tension

Did you know that anxiety and stress have a negative impact on the muscles of the face, and may even lead to the appearance of wrinkles and signs of premature aging on the face.

Massaging the facial muscles relaxes these muscles, and thus gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation to the person receiving the massage.

The benefits of facial massage to remove wrinkles

With age, wrinkles begin to appear and increase in intensity in the face, so many people, especially women, resort to undergoing cosmetic procedures to tighten the face in order to hide those wrinkles, so that they appear better.

The process of massaging and massaging the facial muscles stimulates blood circulation in the cells of the facial tissues, which stimulates those tissues to produce collagen necessary for the skin, which works to repair damaged cells, tighten the face and remove wrinkles.

Facial massage opening times

The best time to do a massage and facial massage is in the morning after waking up, as a face massage in the morning works to remove toxins and stimulate blood flow in the blood circulation, as well as open the pores to remove the impurities in them.

If a woman puts moisturizers on her face more than once a day, it is preferable, with each time a woman uses these moisturizers on her face, to do a facial massage in order to increase the benefit in all facial cells, as well as stimulate blood flow in the circulatory system. 

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