The benefits of massage for slimming

The use of massage or massage has been known for a long time for therapeutic, or even recreational, purposes for a person, and massage is one of the methods of physical therapy that has become an important part of the mechanism for treating many diseases, especially those associated with muscle and bone injuries, and surgeries, and massage has many benefits for health. Human, the most famous of which; Stimulating blood circulation and expelling psychological stress, in addition to other benefits, such as: slimming and weight loss.

The benefits of massage for slimming

Massage is an effective way for those who want to lose their extra weight, as the massage stimulates blood circulation in the body, thus urging the body to burn more fat, especially the accumulated in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, and in the next we will show you the role of massage, and some of its types in slimming some areas In the body:

Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage improves the digestive process, by facilitating bowel movement and speeding up its elimination of food remnants, and the massage stimulates blood circulation in the abdominal area, which means promoting fat burning in that area and preventing the appearance of the rumen, although this type of massage is conducted by experts and specialists. Physical therapy, except that it can be performed at home, and the person only has to fix his hands on his stomach, and massage the abdomen in circular motions, starting from the left side, for a few minutes before starting again with the same movements from the opposite side, and these movements must include the upper abdomen where The stomach, then the intestine, the tip of the trunk, and the pelvic bones, taking into account the need to breathe deeply during the massage, and this can be repeated twice a day, to get the desired results.

Lymph drainage massage

This type of massage is characterized by strengthening the body’s immunity and expelling toxins outside it, in addition to enhancing the metabolism, and ridding the body of the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, as a result of weight gain, and upon exposure to this type of massage, the relaxation of the body will push towards weakening the person’s appetite towards food, and thus Contribute to reducing weight and reducing the likelihood of receiving more fats, it is reported that lymph drainage massage, or lymphatic massage, is performed by professional experts only.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy refers to the use of aromatic oils in massage, which helps relieve stress, improve the psychological state of the person, in addition to achieving relaxation of the body, which is sufficient to reduce the human desire to eat.

Other benefits of massage

  • Eliminate muscle pain, as it can get rid of muscle pain as a result of daily movement activity, or permanently practicing any kind of sport by conducting periodic massage sessions, especially for athletes.
  • Activating blood circulation in the body, which raises the body’s activity and energy to carry out many daily activities and practices.
  • Fight insomnia; As the massage treats cases of inability to sleep or insomnia, and reach the stage of deep sleep more easily before receiving massage sessions.
  • Headache treatment; Especially in cases of chronic headache, by reducing spasms in the head area, and stimulating blood circulation in it.
  • Improve a person’s psychological state, and fight depression.