The benefits of massage in treating the pain of the right shoulder or left shoulder

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of massage in treating the pain of the right shoulder or the left shoulder, and we will explain the most important causes of this pain.

Many of the work and activities that we do in our daily life, in which we use the arms and hands, we will find that the shoulder must play a supportive role with the arms and hands in the activities that we do, such as:

Lifting and carrying weights, throwing, pulling and pulling

And other activities that we do using the arms and hands and require more muscle strength.

Therefore, the shoulder is one of the areas most prone to pain and inflammation, and we often hear about shoulder injuries, which are called shoulder dislocations.

Shoulder dislocation injuries make it difficult for a person to move his arms, and thus a person finds it difficult to practice many of the usual daily activities, and he must always keep his arm in one position that does not move, because moving the arm requires moving the shoulder, which causes a lot of pain to the person who He suffers from a dislocated shoulder, so the movement of this person’s arms is reduced and the range of movement becomes limited to his arms and shoulders.

The shoulder massage is one of the most efficient ways to remove the pain and inflammation that affects the shoulders, because it renews blood flow to the cells of this area, bringing with it food and oxygen to the cells of the tissues and muscles of the shoulder area.

Therefore, the deep tissue massage method as well as the common Swedish massage method are among the most common ways in which the right or left shoulder pain can be treated, thus eliminating the pain in these places of the body.

Causes of shoulder pain

The pains that many people suffer in the shoulder region have many causes, which often result from daily habits and behaviors in our life,

Among these reasons are the following:

Overactivity that is performed by relying on the shoulder muscles

Many people, even those who have strong shoulder muscles, and a muscular structure that qualifies them to carry heavy weights easily, suffer from some pain and inflammation in the shoulder region.

The reason for this is that they depend on their strong muscles in the shoulder area and they carry heavy weights and exert a great muscular effort on the shoulder area for a longer period without stopping, and therefore the shoulder muscles face great muscular stress, this stress may cause later pain and inflammation in that area, if The person did not take a rest to relax these muscles.

Most of the activities related to this type of injury are carrying heavy weights for a long time.

Their treatment is some massages and massages for the shoulder area, while taking a break to relax the shoulder muscles while working.

Weak muscles in the shoulder area

People who have a weak muscle structure in the shoulder region complain of pain and inflammation in this area directly once they carry a weight that may not be heavy for them, and the period during which they carry this weight may be very short, but they suffer from weakness in the muscles of the shoulder area, which does not qualify them For carrying medium heavy weights.

And these will help them with massage to relieve pain, in addition to that they should strengthen their shoulder muscles with exercise and eating healthy meals.

The benefits of a shoulder massage

  • Massage and massage in general aims to relieve muscle fatigue, and to bring the person to a state of calm and relaxation.
  • Activating the flow of blood in the muscles and tissues of the shoulder area, where the blood works to deliver food to the cells, this food is loaded with nutrients necessary to strengthen cells and tissues, and protect them from damage, and this blood is loaded with oxygen necessary for the respiration of those cells and the occurrence of metabolism within them.
  • Reducing the pain and inflammation that affects the tissues and muscles of the shoulder. These pains occur as a result of the successive strong contractions that these tissues are exposed to, and thus they need more rest and relaxation.

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