The method of back massage and the equipment needed for a massage session | Detailed explanation

If you suffer from stress and feel pain in the back, then you need a massage to get rid of this pain, and it is your good luck that you are in the right place now, where we will explain the correct and healthy back massage method.

The back is one of the areas in the human body that is most prone to stress for the following reasons:

  • As sitting for long hours at desks may cause some infections in the back area.
  • Also, this area is the area directly exposed to harm when carrying heavy weights.

Therefore, most of the bone and muscle pain that afflicts us in our daily life comes in the back area, so most massages and massages are dedicated to that area, which works to relieve and remove these pains and infections.

Likewise, in the event that if one of your relatives or family members complained of pain in his back, we will guide you in this article about the correct method of back massage.

Pre-massage steps

These steps are intended to be what must be done and prepared before the massage session. Before starting any massage session, it is necessary to make sure that the place is fully prepared to start the massage process, and the purpose of preparing the place is for the person undergoing the massage session to feel comfortable, calm and relaxed, so that his muscles They are all relaxing and completely free of any muscle strain or strain.

The place is prepared for the massage session as follows:

Create a suitable place for the person to sleep

And this place is a table which is equipped so that the person feels the utmost comfort and relaxation during the massage session.

And take into account that the height of this table from the ground is appropriate, so that the masseur does not have to bend over and bend his back during the massage process.

In the absence of a table, the bed can be used instead.

This massage table is equipped as follows:

  • A thick sheet should be placed first on the table, and its purpose is to isolate the body of the person receiving the massage from the surface of the table, which is hard or rough, as well as to absorb the excess oil from the massage process.
  • After that, a clean and sterile sheet is brushed over the thick sheet, and this sheet must be comfortable for the person’s body, because it will be in direct contact with his skin, especially since he will be stripped of clothes, and this sheet also serves to absorb the excess oil from the massage.
  • A towel or sheet is placed under the person’s head, so that it is in the shape of an arc, and the person’s forehead is resting on that towel, so that the person’s eyes and nose are slightly higher than the level of the table.
  • Another towel is placed under the person’s feet at the ankles or at the joint between the foot and the leg, so that the person feels relaxed in his feet, and that they are free in the air.
  • A third towel is placed on the waist of the person being massaged, and used to absorb any excess amounts of the oil used in the massage.
  • There is nothing wrong with having a fourth towel to cover parts of the person’s body according to his request and comfort if he is embarrassed to take off all his clothes, but make sure that the back area is completely naked, because it is the target area for massage.

Create the atmosphere surrounding the person

The atmosphere around the person receiving the massage should be prepared so that he feels completely calm and relaxed, which are the key to the success of any massage session.

Therefore, the massage room is prepared as follows:

  • It should be taken into account that the atmosphere of the room is moderate, neither hot nor cold, and it is better for the room to be somewhat warm, in order to help the muscles relax adequately.
  • It is best to play relaxing music, to absorb any tension or anxiety of the person receiving the massage, in order to bring him to the highest levels of relaxation, so that his muscles are completely relaxed.
  • Illumination of the room during massages is not negligible, as the lighting should be dim, not strong.
  • It is okay to spray some distinctive perfumes, and if the person receiving the massage is allergic to these perfumes it is best to use scented candles.

How to make massage and massage for the back area

  • A little oil is poured on the back of the person receiving the massage, then this oil is first distributed over the entire back area of ​​the person, and the purpose of this step is to reduce the friction between the hands of the massager and the skin in the back area.
  • After rubbing the back with oil, start massaging the back area with the palm of the hand with gentle pressure, and the hands are moved from the lower back area up towards the neck and shoulders, because that is the direction of blood flow.
  • Return from upper back to lower back with gentle pressure.
  • This step is repeated for five minutes, until the oil is spread and absorbed by the skin.
  • The back area is massaged again up and down, but with a little increased pressure, which is called rubbing or kneading.
  • Use some circular motions during ascending and descending, as it stimulates blood flow in the deep blood vessels.
  • Pressures can then be applied using the fingertips, which is called taping, and the purpose is to reach deeper tissues.
  • One of the steps of the massage is squeezing the muscles, by locking the fingers of the hand to each other except the thumb, then moving the palm of the hand and with the thumb gradually moving towards the other fingers, this movement works to move the internal tissues of the muscles.
  • The masseur must make sure that only his hands are moving, not his shoulders, to avoid feeling fatigue during the massage.

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