The Role of Massage in Treating Tense Nerves One of the benefits of massage for the body

If you feel anxious and tense, and your nerves are tight all the time, then you definitely need a massage session, because every day massage proves its effectiveness in treating tight nerves.

Health problems, wrong habits or pressures that a person is exposed to during the daily work and the demands and needs of the family may have some negative effects on nerve strength and weaken them, which have side effects with the passage of time.

Causes of stretching nerves

There are many reasons for tightening nerves, including the following:

  • Lack of important nutrients for the body.
  • Stress and extreme stress.
  • Inflammation or damage to the nerves.
  • Eating an unhealthy diet.
  • Taking chemical medications and sedatives that negatively affect nerve health.

Symptoms of tight nerves

Depending on the type of nerve and its location in the body, there are signs and signs of nervous tension, but there are known symptoms related to stretching nerves in general, and they are:

  • Stress and fatigue.
  • Impaired concentration and mental abilities.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  •  Muscle weakness.
  •  Effects on the strength of the body’s senses.
  • Feeling of pain in areas affected by weak nerves.
  • Tremors in the limbs.

The role of massage in treating tight nerves

Massage reduces nerve tension and eliminates pain:

Although massage is a popular treatment method, but at the same time it is a method used by many to get relaxation, reduce stress, and relieve nervous body pain.

The practice of massages of all kinds is the ideal way to get rid of stress and relax the nerves, and to be free from psychological suppression, tension and all the negative effects accumulated on a person as a result of the burdens and problems of life.

Therefore, in order for a person to feel that he is in a stable and good condition, he must allow his body to relax and his nerves to calm and get rid of the pressures on him by doing a massage for the back, neck, legs and feet.

Massage sessions also work to remove and reduce the effects of pain that a person feels in different parts of his body, and the password behind the gradual disappearance of this feeling of pain during massage sessions is the nerves.

But what is the practical principle behind the terrible role of massage sessions in calming nervous tension and stopping the feeling of pain?

The scientific principle is that massage plays a role in treating tight nerves:

It is known that the body’s nerves are the vessel that transmits all nerve signals from the central control area in the body, which is the brain, to all parts of the body. With its function, with the increase in muscular effort in this organ, such as using the hands and arms excessively to carry heavy objects, the muscle tissue in the area of ​​the hands and arms begins to feel some stress, which ends in feeling pain in that area, this pain is the nerve signals transmitted by the nerves from the area that You suffer from muscle strain to the brain that translates these signals into feeling pain.

And the role of massage comes, as in this case it obstructs the arrival of nerve signals from the muscle-stressed organ to the brain, and thus the person feels less pain, because the brain did not reach those signals resulting from stress to translate them into a feeling of pain.

The other side of the role of massage sessions with nerves is that during a hard day full of a lot of work, under which the person falls into vortices of thinking in order to accomplish these actions properly, in addition to the problems that this person faces in his life, which necessitates him to squeeze His mind and his brain In order to reach solutions to all these problems, the neurons inside the brain are under great stress, because of the pressure placed on them by the person to deal with each problem and reach a solution to it, this stress in these cells is transmitted to the rest of the nerves in the body, so you find The person is tense and his movements tense and restless.

Here, massages and massages apply pressure on the nerves and relax them in order to get rid of the stress on them, and the nerves enter into a state of calm and calm, which is transmitted to the brain, so that the brain cells relax with it and the tension and nervous stress of the person are gone.

Method of treating tight nerves with massage

Natural oils massage:

Doing a body massage with natural oils is a common treatment for many diseases, including nerve weakness, as it stimulates the body and mind and ensures the health and activity of the nervous system.

Steps to massage the body with natural oils:

  • Heat up a sufficient amount of almond or sesame oil.
  • Then the body is massaged with this warm oil.
  • The oil should be left on the body for half an hour before taking a bath.
  • Do this process periodically

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