The strangest insurance policies in the world … The annulment of fiance,against coconut and death from laughter, most notably


Many people seek to insure their property, including real estate or cars, against exposure to an accident, or insurance for their lives against accidents, in order to ensure that they get the least possible loss and leave some money that benefits the heirs later, but the strange thing is that some people insure parts of his body or On other intangible things, and this is what we will learn about in the coming lines, according to “entertales”, “timesofindia”.

Change of heart

The “Wedsor” insurance company has issued documents called “heart change” insurance. Often this type covers the financial implications of innocent financiers, as it called them, who are the parents in the event of the separation of the newlyweds, but perhaps this type of insurance may protect from emotional trauma that may The bride receives it due to the reckless actions of some men against an unexpected cancellation.


Love Insurance

This insurance guarantees that you will not be left alone on Valentine’s Day, this type is the brainchild of insurance companies from Japan, where it is customary for women to give chocolate gifts to men on this day, so whoever registered for insurance for this service, will receive a package containing On the chocolates and a personal message from a funny, fake lady.

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