The strangest insurance policies in the world … The annulment of fiance,against coconut and death from laughter, most notably

The main person in the company


It is difficult for companies to dispense with some employees, especially when the company is going through a financial crisis or there is tremendous pressure in the company’s tasks, for example when the company suddenly loses the programmer, it will fall into trouble, so many companies take insurance policies on their main employees to protect themselves from Loss, and the company often needs employee permission in order to complete document issuance requirements.


Best Store Promotion

One of the jewelry stores in the American city of “Wilmington” followed a strange and somewhat successful policy to promote his store during the holiday season, so he insured his store on conditions that required him to receive half a million dollars in case the snow fell on Christmas Eve by 3 inches and more. On Christmas Eve in 2016 AD, it fell 8 inches and the company had to pay.