The strangest insurance policies in the world … The annulment of fiance,against coconut and death from laughter, most notably

Riot control


In 2010, Thailand feared losing a lot of dollars due to the deterioration of tourism as a result of protests and demonstrations in the country, and insurance was provided in an amount of up to 10,000 dollars to anyone affected by loss or damage due to the demonstrations, and for tourists to obtain an amount of 100 dollars per day due to the delay in travel.


Annulment of engagement insurance

A company called Wedsure Insurance offered a “change of heart” insurance, in other words money can be recovered if the bride and groom decide to separate at least 365 days before the wedding.

Twin insurance

If a person has twins in Britain, he can go to any insurance company to obtain a policy for them, during the confirmation of twins pregnancy, and an amount of money can be obtained, in the case of multiple births.