8 The strangest types of massage in the world


Recently there has been a proliferation of “massage” sessions, whether therapeutic or relaxation, provided by experts in this field. Massage is considered one of the most important means concerned with relieving muscle pain, tension and stress, and it has an important psychological benefit as it gives a person a sense of relaxation, in addition to being a treatment method used since The foot. 

Some may think that massage is only limited to massages with oils or even chocolate, but its methods and types differ and vary from country to country, some of which are frightening and some are strange.

“Summercampbuzz” shows you in this investigation the strangest types of massages around the world:

8-Elephant massage

strangest types of massage


One of the most famous methods used in Thailand and also used in Malaysia, and it is considered a destination for many tourists around the world, and it is the strangest type of massage in the world, as it is based on the use of elephant feet to do the massage, and this method is effective in feeling comfortable and relaxed after the session.


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