The therapeutic foot massage, its benefits and methods

The therapeutic foot massage, its benefits and methods

Many people suffer because of pressure on their feet as a result of wearing shoes, walking, exercising or working all day, which creates a great deal of tension in the muscles and tendons from the ankle to the toe, and foot massage is one of the most important things that help relax those muscles and tendons, In this article, we will learn about the meaning of therapeutic foot massage (reflexology), its importance, and the reflexology points of the foot.

Foot massage and reflexology

It is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears, and is based on the theory that parts of the body are connected to certain organs and body systems, and reflexologists believe that pressure on these parts provides a range of health benefits.

British scientists found that nerves connect the skin and internal organs, and that the body’s nervous system tends to adapt to external factors including touch, so the reflexologist’s touch may help calm the central nervous system, which promotes relaxation and other benefits just like any form of massage  .

Benefits of reflexology and massage

Foot reflexology is associated with several potential benefits, including  :

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Reducing pain.
  • Mood improved.

In a 2000 study, where scientists investigated the effects of a 30-minute foot reflexology treatment on people who were treating breast or lung cancer, the study found that the levels of anxiety of those who received reflexology were lower than those who did not receive this treatment  .

Benefits of reflexology and massage

Benefits of a therapeutic foot massage

The occasional foot massage can help relax, especially after a long day of standing and walking when the feet tend to swell. Massage has other benefits, including  :

  • Improving blood circulation: The blood circulation is often impaired by tight and uncomfortable shoes, so a 10-20 minute massage session before bed can greatly improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, which is especially important for people with diabetes.
  • Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries: Feet massage can help relieve joint pain and recover after injuries in addition to reducing muscle soreness, and when combined with foot and ankle strengthening and stretching exercises, this prevents future injuries, as well as speeds up recovery from existing injuries.
  • Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety: The benefits of a foot massage go beyond just putting people in a relaxed state for the duration of the massage, as repeated sessions have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety in cancer patients, and massage is an effective way to deal with depression and anxiety.
  • Lowering blood pressure: High blood pressure has become quite common in men and women, and it can be caused by a number of things such as stress and an unhealthy diet. A 10-minute foot massage session three times a week has been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety and reduce blood pressure.

  • Pain relief of menstrual symptoms and menopause: The symptoms most common during the menstrual cycle include; Feeling sad, unhappy, anxiety, tension, insomnia, fatigue, headache and mood swings, and most of these symptoms can be relieved by daily foot massages.

A 2016 review also indicated that a health care professional would recommend massage therapy as an option for pain management, and a 2010 study found that massage therapy helps [6] [7] :

  • Dealing with physical and mental health challenges.
  • Reducing pain.
  • Relax.
  • Managing emotions.
  • Sleep.
Benefits of a therapeutic foot massage

Foot massage techniques:

There are many methods and techniques for foot massage, which can be applied to anyone, including these techniques [3] :

  • Warm – up contortions ( Warmup Twists ): In this method , you must put the palms of the hand on either side of the foot, and then pull the right side of the foot forward gently while pushing the left side of the back, then you must pay the left side of the foot back while dragging the right side of the front, it is necessary Repeat this movement.
  • Massage Arch ( Arch Tube Rubs ): You can use this method to massage the bottom side of the foot, by keeping the top of the foot with one hand, and fingers of the other hand must bow rubbing with a repeat of this movement from the heel to the top on both feet.
  • Curvature of the fingers ( Toe Bends ): This method is done through keeping the heel with one hand, then all the toes bend back and forth at the same time with the other hand, must repeat this movement and gently increase the pressure on the toes.
  • Foot extension ( Foot Spread ): This method requires the maintenance of each side of the foot and dragging it out with repeated several times the movement, allowing foot stretch and relax.

Foot reflexology:

They are pressure points located on the extremities of the hands and feet, and it is believed that they are directly related to the nervous system. Through pressure on different parts of the soles and sides of the feet, various muscles and vital organs can be reached, and from these points [4] :

  1. Pituitary Gland : Its reflexology is located in the center of each of the big toes.
  2. The brain : the reflex points of the brain are located in the upper part of the thumb and other toes as well.
  3. The spine : on the inner side of both feet.
  4. Eyes : Their reflection points are located in the feet.
  5. Ears : The two ears reflex is located at the base of the feet.
  6. Heart : The reflex area is located in the left foot and hand, and in the foot and right hand, between the shoulder line and the diaphragm line.
  7. Lungs : the reflex points of the lungs are located on the upper side of the feet.
  8. Pancreas : There are points to treat problems associated with the pancreas such as diabetes in the left foot.
  9. Spleen : The spleen reflex points are located in the left foot as well as the left hand.
  10. Kidney : Pressure points on the kidneys are located in both the feet and the hands.
  11. Ureter : Ureteral reflex points are found in both feet and hands.
  12. Bladder : The reflexology point is located in the feet.
  13. Small Intestine : The reflex area of ​​the small intestine is located on both feet.
  14. Colon : The reflection point is located on the right foot.

In the end .. The Chinese traditionally used foot massage to identify and treat all diseases, and today foot massage is also used to relax and relieve foot pain and arches, so it is necessary to resort to foot massage methods and methods to benefit from its various benefits.