Therapeutic massage: its importance in treating various diseases and methods of its application

massage Therapeutic massage is one of the best treatment methods, which many resort to to get rid of back and neck pain, and relieve muscle and joint pain and other things. And therapeutic massage is a “massage” that focuses on the affected area, to relieve its pain, and the patient feels comfortable after undergoing several sessions.
“Madam Net” informs you about the benefits of therapeutic massage, and how to apply it to the back and feet, and others; To get rid of health problems that a person may experience such as headache, urine retention, seventh nerve inflammation, influenza, neck and stomach pain, insomnia, menstrual pain, and dental pain.

1- The benefits of a therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage has many health benefits, including:
– Stimulating blood circulation.
Treatment of tightening muscles and joints.
Stimulate oxygen delivery to all cells and tissues of the body.
Increase the feeling of comfort and relaxation.
Soften joint mobility and increase flexibility.
– Burn the fat accumulated inside the body.

2- Back massage

Neck massage may be beneficial for the back as well
Neck massage may be beneficial for the back as well

For many, it may require a therapeutic back massage; So, it is necessary to first warm up the muscles before starting the massage. It is also possible to massage the neck; Because back pain is often associated with it.
And the therapeutic back massage is done by pressing it, and by making gentle circular movements with the two thumbs, in a vertical way.

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3- Foot massage

A therapeutic foot massage has many benefits for the whole body; It helps him feel relaxed, as massage plays a big role in improving blood flow, reducing sweat secretion, and reducing fat.
Also, exerting pressure on certain points on the feet affects various diseases, helping to improve the functioning of the body’s systems.
Massage is an effective treatment to stimulate different parts of the body, besides treating joint stiffness, it contributes to blood flow and reach to the toes.

4- Treating headaches with massage

If you suffer from headache caused by a headache, you can resort to a therapeutic massage. It contributes to alleviating these pain, as the patient feels after him complete relaxation.
The therapeutic massage begins in this case, by massaging the head according to circular movements from the top, to relieve the severity of the headache, in addition to massaging the neck, face and shoulders, to obtain a better result.

5- Treatment of urinary retention with massage

Urinary retention is a problem that many people face, and it must be treated immediately to avoid any complications, and among the methods of treatment is to undergo a therapeutic massage session that focuses on the lower abdomen area, through circular motions, which contributes to calming the nerves, and facilitating the exit of urine trapped in the bladder and urination easily.

6- Treating the seventh nerve with massage

Massage helps treat inflammation of the seventh nerve, which may occur suddenly and make the person unable to control the facial muscles.
The massage is done by pulling the muscles from the bottom of the face up, with the aim of achieving relaxation of the muscles, and a long or wide stroking of the affected area, for a period of 3 to 4 minutes in each session, and it is preferable to repeat this twice daily.

7- Treating neck pain with massage

A large number of people, especially those who practice office work for them for long periods, as well as school and university students, suffer from neck pain.
Massage is considered one of the best therapeutic methods to get rid of neck pain, by doing a muscle massage with the fingers of the middle hand, pressing them gently with circular motions, and massaging the sides of the neck up and down, and in a circular motion with the tips of the fingers as well.

8- Treating the stomach with massage

Consider massages to get rid of stomach pain
Consider massages to get rid of stomach pain

Stomach pain can be treated with therapeutic massage, by pressing on the upper abdomen area with circular motions, to relieve tension and anxiety caused by stomach pain, and thus relieve other pains related to the stomach. You can try this massage at home on a daily basis until stomach ache is relieved.
And if massage doesn’t help, try consulting a gastroenterologist to find out the underlying cause.

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9- Treating insomnia with massage

If you suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep, you can do a therapeutic foot massage before bed, to help you calm the nerves and relax the muscles.
Feet massage also plays a big role in helping deep breathing and increasing the percentage of oxygen in various parts of the body.
And don’t forget to exclude all the practices that make you prone to insomnia, such as drinking caffeine in abundance, stressing, and eating late heavy meals.

10- Treating menstrual pain with massage

Most females experience abdominal cramps and pain before and during their menstrual period. Thus, undergoing a massage of the back and abdomen areas will greatly contribute to relieving these pain. It may be possible to use some essential oils for this purpose, such as lavender oil and peppermint oil, which help soothe pain and soften the muscles.
We also advise you to relax during this period. Because stress increases the intensity of menstrual pain.

11- Treating dental pain with massage

British doctors indicated that massage is an easy, fast and effective way to get rid of toothache, away from taking medications that may cause some sensitivity to the stomach.
The doctors added, according to the “Al-Alam Channel” website, that massaging the fat area from the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger could act as a kind of Chinese acupuncture to relieve nagging dental pain.
And a previous Canadian practical study proved that ice massages relieve tooth pain by fifty percent.

12- Treatment of influenza with massage

Undoubtedly, the flu and cold can be treated at home with natural remedies; Perhaps one of them is undergoing a light massage that strengthens the immune system and relaxes a tired body.
Also try drinking plenty of fluids such as tea, flowers, ginger, anise, sage, orange juice, rich green soups with chicken or meat, etc. to fight the flu and recover quickly.

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