Therapeutic massage, its types and its use in alternative medicine

 Massage is one of the oldest health sciences known to man and  has been used for healing purposes since the birth of a child. In massage therapy, we use touch to apply pressure to the body’s skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments, so touching a caring mother to her child is considered one of the oldest types of therapeutic massage in the world. The idea of ​​massage is to calm the disease through:

Kneading: Kneading massage involves the exchange of pressure (kneading) and leaving the massaged part in a manipulative way of that part of the body. A person may feel uncomfortable for this type of massage, but its results are wonderful in bringing relaxation. 

Picking up: The pick-up massage involves pulling the tissues upwards away from the bones and then leaving them by exchanging that between the hands or one of them. These movements are most useful in treating the jumper or the pain that forms between the shoulders. 

Trendy Wringing: We raise the tissue up between the hands and squeeze them to show the elongation of the tissue between the hands, and this needs to make the muscles fully relaxed before it is dealt with..

 Friction: It is a small movement that is applied with the fingers or its extremities, and in which its friction is applied to the surface of the skin in multiple forms, whether it is circular, deep or superficial, that helps to deal with pain in specific points on the skin, as in Chinese acupuncture points.

Hacking: The edge of the hand massage is performed by extending the arm completely over the skin in the massaged part, and it is considered a form of frictional massage and the forearm has been completed in this way so that the weight of the body is used to obtain more pressure. 

Slapping Clapping:.  The slapping massage is performed by striking the skin with the hand, which is in a hollow shape in the form of a cup, which leads to the presence of a sound like a bump or a drum, and through the harmony of the sound with the movements, the patient may sleep. 

Shaking & Vibration:.  The massage includes continuous gently shaking and twitching movements of the organ or the massaged area and the vibration and is usually used for the limbs so that they give it a strange kind of relaxation.

Tapotement:.  The use of tapping in a rhythmic manner through short, rapid and repetitive movements, and the tap massage works for a short period of time to stimulate and for a long time to relax. These are also used on certain areas of the body to get rid of social phobia and some other psychological conditions.

 What are the practical benefits of massage and massage 

  • 1. Eliminate pain by working to increase blood flow and remove the effects of infections. 
  • 2. Eliminate muscle fatigue by eliminating the remnants of the metabolism process that have accumulated in muscle tissue. 
  • 3. General relaxation in terms of increasing relaxing hormones. 
  • 4. It helps to sleep in the case of insomnia by relaxing tight muscles and nerves.
  •  5. Relieves tension and psychological tension. This is a great feature for medical massage and massage. It is widely used with sports celebrities and the media.
  • 6. Soothing the skin and removing any dead cells that have accumulated on it. 
  • 7. Drainage of swelling and infiltration of tissues, or the so-called edema, and thus the muscles return to their normal functioning.

When you should not use massage ? 

If the treated area has:

  • 1. An open wound, large or small, as long as it bleeds upon contact.
  • 2. Burns, as massage may aggravate the inflammation of the tissues, but it is advised to massage the burn site after healing to remove the scars. 
  • 3. Skin ulcers and infectious skin diseases, as this may lead to the spread of the disease.
  • 4. Extreme swelling, due to tissue rupture, and massage and massage are not recommended at all.
  • 5. Areas of heavy hair fullness prefer to shave it or use the appropriate oil for this matter. 
  • 6. The skin is extremely sensitive, as it may crack as a result of massage. 
  • 7. Cancer, as intense massage may cause it to spread, especially if it is in the skin or directly under the skin.8- In cases of severe varicose veins, massage may lead to blood clots.


* Massage and therapeutic massage is a complete specialty taught in the West for a period of one to two years, and it is one of the branches of alternative medicine as well as modern medicine, so not everyone who reads a book or does a massage for members of his family has become a specialist. 

* Medical oils or powder can be used for therapeutic massage in different ways, which are very many and can be mixed with treatment with aromatic oils to suit each case.

* The best home oil for massage is made of equal proportions of olive oil, sesame oil – sesame – and castor oil, to which any kind of aromatic oils such as lavender are added in small quantities to improve the aroma. 

* Having a massage on the back for women during the ovulation period strengthens the chance of pregnancy for them, as well as relieves menstrual pain among girls