Tips to massage your baby using Himalaya Herb’s Nourishing Baby Oil

          It has been proven by experience over the years that a daily gentle massage of the child’s body contributes to calming him and making him happy and works to strengthen the bond between mother and child. In addition to its positive effect on the child’s psychological comfort and even on the strengthening of his bone structure. To get the most benefit from your daily massage for your baby, Himalaya Herbs whisper to you the following tips to complement Hanan your touch with its long experience in the field of baby skin care to ensure you the best results when massaging your baby: 

* The best time to have a baby skin massage is in the evening so that the child can enjoy a night of deep sleep. 

* Double the effectiveness of the massage if it is performed immediately after the bath.

 * Be careful not to start the massage immediately after breastfeeding to avoid the possibility of vomiting. 

* Avoid using products that contain strong fragrances and chemical compounds, and rely on preparations that undergo clinical tests that prove their effectiveness and compatibility with delicate children’s skin, such as Nourishing Baby Oil from Himalaya Herbs. 

Tips to massage your baby using Himalaya Herb's Nourishing Baby Oil

 * Place the child on a soft, comfortable surface such as a soft towel.

 * Warm the massage oil in the palm of the hand before applying it to the baby’s skin. 

* Gently massage all parts of the child’s body with circular motions. 

* Talking to the child in a quiet voice or singing to him during the massage.