Top 15 tips recommended by experts to learn German

12. Focus on learning the most common German words


The reason you want to focus on the most useful German words is because we only use a fraction of the vocabulary in any language. Take English for example, and think about 10 of the most sophisticated words you know the definition of. Now think about how often you actually use these regularly in your everyday conversations. Probably not often right?

For this same logic, the goal for beginners shouldn’t be to focus on quantity of words learned. A more effective goal is to focus on the quality and most commonly used words.

There is a study done in the Spanish language that states:

“Learning first 1,000 most common Spanish words will be an essential milestone we should achieve in any language, as this will allow us to:

  • grasp 88% of vocabulary in oral speech
  • express everything we could possibly want to say”

In hindsight, it makes sense right?We may use more than 1,000 different words in our everyday conversations, as there are always more complicated vocabulary that arise. However, if you were to learn 1,000 of the most common words, then being able to express everything you want to say seems quite plausible. The percentage may vary for German (likely lower), but it doesn’t vary much to neglect the argument.

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