Top 15 tips recommended by experts to learn German

13. Make it part of your daily lifestyle (and routine)


The third step to learn German in record time is to change your surrounding. What you do, see, hear, or think about everyday will eventually shape who you are. This logic applies to your health, relationships, wealth, and it certainly applies to learning a new language.

What should you specifically change about your lifestyle to increase your immersion in German? Try these tips:

a. Make your online life German

From social media to your device, changing your foreign language setting to German will make a big impact to your reading skills. Most of us are said to spend 6-9 hours a day on our devices (1-3 hours of that being social media). We can apply that to subconsciously helping us become better readers in German, and those 1-3 hours we normally waste can become valuable.

If social media is not a norm for you, then think about where you spend the most time during your day. You can change your browser language to German, find a German version of your favorite video game, etc.Whatever you enjoy doing on a regular basis, find a way to conver that into German learning.

b. Podcasts or audiobooks

One of the most useful things about audio is that you can be doing something else as you listen. Whether that’s working, walking your dog, or doing your laundry, you can be learning something new on-the-go.This is why we recommend subscribing to a few German podcasts to listen to:

If you’re looking for audiobooks (for more advanced learners), you can check out:

  • Spotify
  • Audible
  • YouTube (type German version after typing in your desired book)

The best way we recommend for listening to German audiobooks is to find a book you’ve been meaning to listen to, and find the German version. From there, if you’re using Audible, you can slow it down to 0.5x speed so that you’re able to listen to it in a slower manner.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to understand most of it in the beginning, but that’s normal. What’s important is to pause often, translate words you’re not familiar with, then practice saying them outloud.

c. Memorize lyrics to catchy German songs

Music is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a foreign language, without feeling any intimidation. This is why millions of language learners become interested in a new language, after hearing a K-Pop song, latin music, and catchy German songs.

Don’t expect to understand all the words, but you can familiarize yourself with the chorus lyrics which most songs will repeat over and over again. Since you can also listen to music on-the-go or while you’re working, we suggest creating a playlist using your favorite music streaming app.From there you can play the playlist on repeat until it’s ingrained into your memory!

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