Top 15 tips recommended by experts to learn German

14. Speak from day one


Easier said than done right?However, it may be the most important obstacle you have to overcome to become fluent faster. According to the National Training Laboratories, when you learn by doing or immediately using what you’ve learned, it can be up to 18x more effective than learning via a classroom.

With that logic, you can work 2x or even 5x as hard using a less effective method like reading or classroom lectures. Or, you can do what effective learners do, focus on the most impactful learning method. For language learning, this is definitely speaking from day one.Here are a few ways to accomplish this:

a. Find a conversation partner

This could be a close friend that speaks German natively, a co-worker, or someone you find at a local language exchange. Just keep in mind that there has to be something you incentivize them with to keep them motivated. One of the hardest things about practicing with conversation partners is the scheduling conflict or lack of accountability. After a few sessions, it usually tends to fizzle out.Hence, we also recommend…

b. Working with a professional German teacher

The incentive here is dead simple: money. When there is a clear value for both parties, it becomes a sustainable learning experience in the long-run. More importantly, the advantages of working with a professional teacher are clear. You get to tap into the knowledge of someone who has worked with dozens if not hundreds of students like you. In addition, you’re able to get personalized feedback that can shortcut your learning curve significantly.

c. Download an app that helps you practice speaking

Lastly, we recommend finding language apps that encourage you to speak from day one. As of this moment, we have not been able to find any great apps that focus on this, which is why we launched Rype GO. GO uses AI-powered speaking lessons to get you speaking confidently from day one. The lessons are designed to feel like real-life conversations you’ll have with a friend or a local, and with speech recognition technology, you’ll get instant feedback.

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