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If you suffer and feel pain and tightness in the neck area, and you feel that it prevents you from practicing your life normally, and you want to get rid of this pain in the easiest way, continue reading the article to learn the treatment of a tight neck with a massage.

The neck pain that occurs to many people is one of the things that worries them, and even makes them difficult for their lives, especially since this pain is renewed with them every day due to the nature of their work, which is often sitting at the office in order to complete the work via the computer.

Sitting for a long time without changing position from time to time has a negative effect on the neck vertebrae, and thus many people feel tightness around the neck and annoying pain.

The neck consists mainly of seven vertebrae with a group of muscles and tendons surrounding them, and among the causes of neck pain are the following:

Carrying weights

Many people, whose work is summed up in carrying weights, complain after a period of time that some pain appears in the neck vertebrae, which may develop with them to severe pain in the neck that prevents them from continuing their work.

This pain results from overloading the neck’s vertebrae and tendons, which rub against the surrounding muscles causing pain.

Sitting for a long time at a desk without changing position

This is a common cause of neck pain for many people, and the reason for this is that sitting in the same position for a long time causes effort on the neck muscles, and it also causes some muscle spasms in the neck area.

Sleeping on an unhealthy pillow or in an unhealthy way

You may encounter on some days when you wake up from sleep, that you feel some pain in the neck area, and if you trace the cause of this pain, you find that the reason lies in the wrong position in which you slept on the pillow.

Also, many people who sleep on pillows that are not soft complain of neck pain.

In the type of pain, the reason is that the wrong sleeping position or the hard pillow causes pressure on the vertebrae and muscles of the neck, which causes this pain to be felt when waking up from sleep.

Massage method for treating tight neck

Neck pain is common to many people, and neck massage is an effective treatment in relieving and even removing these pain, but the problem lies in the cost of these massages, and also we do not have the time to attend those massages, so we will focus here on the method of massage Which a person can apply by himself, whether while sitting at work or at home, and a person can do it for others who complain of neck pain.

This massage method can be summarized as follows:

  • First, feel the different areas of your neck or the neck of the person you are massaging to determine the location of the pain.
  • After determining the location of the pain, gently press the index and middle ends of the site and massage it.
  • Behind the neck, specifically under the hairline, are two somewhat empty points (the place of the two points above the beginning of the spine under the brain to the right and left sides), these two points separate between the beginning of the spine, and the two large muscles on both sides of the neck, massage these two points gently, until You feel the pain is getting less.
  • In the area where the neck meets the shoulders, there are two muscles, one on the right and the other on the left. Massage this area using circular motions.
  • Massage on both sides of the neck up and down, by placing your palm on the back of the neck, so that your fingers, except for the thumb, are on the muscle next to the neck, apply pressure with a massage, this will give you a feeling of comfort and relaxation

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