Treat your pain with massage touches

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts, as its use was documented in Chinese history dating back 3,000 years, and the Hindus, Persians and Pharaohs also adopted it as a treatment for many diseases, and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of massages for circulatory problems, and there are tremendous benefits when you get massage sessions Regular treatment provided that it is performed by a professional person who is aware of the secrets and methods of massage, whether your need to relax or treat muscle tightness resulting from chronic fatigue without a doubt, you will get great benefits, and the therapeutic massage specialist has the ability to improve your emotional and physical health, and massage therapy can To be an important part of the health maintenance plan by:

• Help reduce and eliminate pain
• Improve joint mobility
• Improve blood circulation
• Improve lymphatic fluid drainage
• Reduce muscle tension

Massage therapy can be used to treat both incurable and chronic cases, and massage sessions can deal with a wide range of pathological conditions of all ages, and also contribute to the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and disabilities, and the following is a list of cases that can be treated with massage when provided by a certified therapeutic massage therapist :

• Anxiety and depression
• Asthma and emphysema
• Back, neck and leg pain
• Cancer
• Carpal tunnel syndrome “resulting from repeated stress”
• Chronic fatigue syndrome “Fatigue”
• Bone dislocation
• Fibromyalgia syndrome
• Fractures and edema, which is swelling of an organ or Tissue due to fluid accumulation in body cavities or under the skin
Digestive disorders
• Headaches
• Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
• Insomnia
• Spinal curvature and curvature
• Multiple sclerosis
• Parkinson’s disease “Parkinson’s disease”
• Muscle tension and spasms
• Palliative care “Patient care And relieve pain for them ”
• Post-operative rehabilitation
• Supporting the mother during pregnancy and childbirth
• Treating sports injuries
• Tearing and sprains
• Treating stress and conditions that lead to stress
• Stroke
• Tendonitis
• Neck injury
• Treating high blood pressure and diabetes
• Treating infertility
• Smoking cessation
• Immunity boost