Turkey’s top 10 ice cream parlors

The easiest and most delicious way to deal with the summer heat is ice cream coolness. So, have you ever wondered where the places that make ice cream much more delicious are?

From lemons to watermelons, vanilla to cocoa, gummy to caramel, Turkey’s top 10 ice cream makers have been compiled for you by Turkey’s travel website Enuygun.com.

Ali Usta – Fashion Turkey’s top 10 ice cream

Serving since 1969, Ali Usta has become one of fashion’s icons over time. It is possible to find at least 30 types of ice cream in summer and winter in Ali Usta, which produces daily using real fruits. Moreover, there are dietary options among its varieties. Open until 02:00 at night, you may have to wait in a long line in summer to eat ice cream.

Girandola – Arnavutköy

Girandola, which makes 70 kinds of ice cream from fresh fruits, is one of the first places to make Italian ice cream. Girandola, which does not use consistency-enhancing additives because it produces old-fashioned Italian production, has branches in various locations in Istanbul. Those who want to try different flavors as ice cream can try mojito, apple cinnamon, kazandibili and tiramisulu ice creams.

Bitez Ice Cream – Bodrum

Bitez Ice Cream, the most famous ice cream parlor in Bodrum, opened all over Turkey after the branches in the town. However, if you want to try it in its original location, you can visit the center in Bodrum Bitez. You can also try delicious desserts and refreshing natural drinks in the venue, which produces natural fruits for 12 months.

Balkaymak Ice Cream – Bafra

Bafra district of Samsun is famous for its ice cream with a special recipe… Balkaymak Ice Cream is the only place that continues to apply this ice cream prepared with buffalo milk and honey with its first recipe. As well as the simple version of Bafra ice cream, natural flavored varieties are also loved. No matter what time of day you go, all the ice cream will be waiting for you fresh.

Nur Bakery – Antalya/Korkuteli

Nur Bakery is the most famous place to eat Burnt Ice Cream, which is unique to Antalya Korkuteli. The touch that gives the ice cream made from goat’s milk a burnt taste is the controlled burning of the milk during the boiling stage. You can eat ice cream in melon to have an unusual ice cream experience in Nur Bakery, which has branches in the center of Antalya and almost all districts.

Mini Ice Cream – Baby

Mini Ice Cream, which has been serving in a small shop in Bebek since 1968, is one of the places that never spoils its originality and taste. Mini Ice Cream, which closes its doors to its guests in winter, reopens with the warmer weather and heralds the arrival of summer. As well as flavors such as honey almonds and caramel, ice cream varieties such as rose marshmallows and tahini are also appreciated. If you are on your way to Bebek in the summer, be sure to visit the Mini Ice Cream shop.

Yasar Bakery – Kahramanmaraş

Yasar Patisserie, which is the first shop of the brand that introduced Marash ice cream to the world, still serves in Kahramanmaraş with the same name. Apart from the famous ice cream varieties, you can visit the bakery designed like a museum while cooling off with the legendary tattoo ice cream in this bakery, which has been turned into a place where you can try the city-specific flavors and learn about its culture.

Rome Ice Cream – Buyukada

Rome Ice Cream, one of the first shops you will see after landing at Buyukada Pier, is the most famous ice cream parlor in the Islands. Rome Ice Cream, one of the places that produces Roman ice cream that you can find in most parts of Istanbul, attracts attention with its natural flavor and abundant varieties.

Rumeli Bakery – Izmir/Cesme

Rumeli Bakery, located in Cesme district of Izmir, was founded by a family of Immigrants from Thessaloniki. Turkey’s first gummy ice cream is produced in the bakery, which has been producing ice cream since 1945. Apart from gummy ice cream, which locals love as well as tourists, other varieties of local desserts are also very popular. This ice cream maker is ideal for lovers of gummy ice cream…

Sim Ice Cream – Ankara

When we say ice cream, we should not forget the capital Ankara. Sim Ice Cream in Bahçelievler district is one of the city’s famous former ice cream parlors. Sim Ice Cream’s most famous flavor is cream ice cream, which prepares the production of diet ice cream in accordance with both those who want to maintain their form and diabetic customers. Be sure to visit Sim Ice Cream on your trip to the capital.