Types of massage and its benefits

A massage is a body massage by pressing it and moving it in a certain way to
refresh it and move the blood circulation in it and it is done in multiple and different ways and methods and
before addressing those methods and types of massage, it
must be mentioned that this matter requires special tools and purposes
such as different oils and types of creams to massage the body and certain rocksAnd other tools and purposes, and it is considered the best time for a massage in the morning
before you take a warm bath or before bed ..
And when you do a massage in the places designated for this , it is
necessary to drink the wondrous tea, green tea and herbs ..It has many benefits as it repels gases, warms the stomach, improves the digestive process … etc. A useful and delicious
drink that we recommend ..* Benefits of body massages and massages:And now we will review the benefits, which are multiple and important benefits for every body: –
– Removing moisture and cold from the body.
Removing back pain, shoulders, joints and neck ..
Leads to clarity of mind ..Distribution of fats to get rid of fatty cellulite surrounded by water
treats some cases of paralysis and infertility … and increases the body’s flexibility.- Treating many diseases such as insomnia, tension, back pain and headaches.
Helps slimming and tightening the body ..Maintains skin smoothness .. Relieves pressure,
helps blood flow .. Helps positive thinking ..- Helps relax muscles .. Helps in psychological relaxation
, activity and rest .. Stimulates blood circulation ..It helps in the function of the ductal and ductless glands .. It
nourishes and generates sensation in the visible tissues- Opens the pores and removes toxins from the body ..
Calms the nerves and causes a better degree of nervous application ..The body clears dead cells or any harmful or useless substance that
may impede normal function.Types of massages and massages:There are many types of massage for the head, shoulders, back, neck,
body, feet, almost the entire body, and more detailed: — Relief massage for neck pain .. Twirl massage or circular pressure.
Chest massage to relieve cough .. Squeezing or rubbing massage ..- Relieving headache massage ..
Vibrating massage .. Facial skin massage ..* Comprehensive massage for all parts of the body.
– Anti-stress and relaxing
massage .. Finger pressure massage .. Relief massage for tired feet ..- Relief massage for morning troubles .. Athlete rehabilitation
massage Energizing massage for peripheral circulation ..- Relief massage for back pain .. Relief massage for fatigue and pain in the legs.
Massage on the top of the shoulders for the treatment of aorta.How to do a massage for yourself:
Massage and massage Relaxing and relaxing the body How do you do it
yourself and for yourself pour oil into the palm of the hand ..Then the skin is massaged until the oil is absorbed.
Repeat this several times. This point is repeated several times as needed and used.- Circular massage movements on circular areas and joints such as the
shoulders, elbows, hips, chest, abdomen, and straight areas such as the
neck, legs, arms and thighs, as well as gently massaging the ears and spilling the head together in a circular motion
.- Give enough time, do not forget to massage the sole of the foot
using pressure with the thumb and between the fingers, and after 20 minutes,
take a hot bath for a long time because it leads to a better result.* Massage and back massage:

– Back massage for another person, put a little oil or cream
on the place where you will do the massage. When
you start, you have to make the massage method a massage movement (in a circular motion)
so that it presses and stimulates blood circulation ..

– Use the method of slapping or hitting lightly
on the body in a balanced way, do not forget to press the bones. It is better for the individual to lie on his stomach
with the arms removed from the body and pressure on the shoulder area in the form of a number eight.

The sliding thumb presses along all sides of the spine, starting from the shoulders.

Neck and shoulder massage:

– Using a suitable massage cream, we massage the upper chest area
and apply gentle pressure with the fingertips. We move the massage from the top of the chest
to the shoulders, moving the head in a gentle circular way to remove the tension …Foot massage:

– It is possible to make a foot bath. Put in a bowl or a hot water basin that
contains 4 – 5 drops of lavender oil, peppermint
oil, rosemary oil, rosemary or thyme oil.
The feet should be soaked in them for half an hour ..
Refreshes tired and swollen feet ..
It also performs Persons who specialize in giving
massages by massaging the feet to restore vitality and activity.

Baby Spa:

– Even young children have a massage, and the operation is performed for them
in a specific and sensitive way, and complete knowledge is required to work for them.

– This is done according to standards and training so that the child
is not harmed and causes him pain instead of rest and relaxation .

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