Undergo massages to boost your energy!

Sometimes you may need a basic source that gives your body energy and restores you to vitality, but you are often unaware that this energy regeneration may be its simple source and in your hands through undergoing massages that relax your body, relax your nerves, and paint a joyful day for you and make you comfortable with yourself and confident of your steps.

Here are some benefits of massage and how to undergo it to boost your energy

Set aside 15 minutes in the morning and specifically before breakfast, to move your body muscles through three massaging movements that contribute to awakening your vitality. How?

To begin with, it is necessary to move your body through a quick massage process before moving on to more calm movements:

• Sit up straight and take three deep breaths from the abdomen.

Rub your hands flexibly, using a circular motion, until you feel the strong heat penetrating them and throughout your body.

• After the hands, it is necessary to move to the feet and knees, so make sure to rub them calmly, then continue to massage your body by rubbing your stomach up towards your arms.

• Your neck forms a central nerve point so that resting your body may be of its comfort, so masseurs often focus on this particular sensitive point. So, pass your hands softly over your neck and face, which will help relax your nerves and tighten your complexion.

Energize your energy

After completing the first stage of the massage, be sure to energize with this exercise Which is based on the implementation of some simple but highly effective movements:

• Pull the fingers of your hands, but take care not to expose them to harm.

• Tap your hands on your shoulders, internally and externally, and from the front and back, and work on repeating the same movement continuously three times.

• Sit in a square shape and maintain a straight back, in other words, take a yoga position, then put the left foot on the right thigh and move the hock in a circular motion. The benefit of this movement is that it is repeated and executed in the opposite direction as well.

Ki Jong technique

Once you have completed this stage, you should move on to the Ki Jong massage technique that relates to your facial features and every detail of your body. This exercise also provides you with strong energy throughout the day.

Rub your hands well, then make circular movements on your face, not to exceed 15 circles. The secret of this exercise is that it keeps the ghost of sagging from your skin.

• Then rub your forehead approximately 15 times, as this movement contributes to stimulating blood circulation.

• Massage your scalp through your fingers in an ascending rate that starts slowly and then accelerates, which will help your skin to breathe more. But if you suffer from dandruff, do not over-massage.

• Do not neglect your eyes, as the opportunity to tighten them is available in front of you, which allows to strengthen the eyes and move to the nostrils for rubbing. To stimulate the muscles of your lips, you must massage the upper and lower lips.

• Massage the skull from the back by applying firm pressure in a circular motion about 15 times.

• Place the palms of your hands on the back bone of the head and move them to massage your neck, which removes the stiffness of the neck vertebrae.

• Cross your arms and rub the right hand up to the point of vital centers, and make sure to repeat this movement in the opposite direction.

• Massage the area of ​​the kidneys by rotating on both sides of the spine, then move to the bottom of your abdomen and rub it until you feel a high temperature that seeps into all of your body.

• Finish the exercise by massaging your arms and legs to store energy that will quickly be reflected throughout your day.

A solution to time constraints

But what if you just don’t get the chance to benefit from a morning massage?

We offer you another solution that helps you move your body muscles to provide it with energy if your time is limited.

• Exercise your leg muscles while you wait for the bus … Do not be afraid that people will be surprised at your movement, as all of them need it and will understand that your time is short.

• Take advantage of 10 seconds to activate your eye muscles without moving your head, so make circular movements with your eyes.

• Tighten your stomach muscles and arms while driving, keep your back steady, and then breathe slowly.

• Smile while stretching your mouth to the maximum to strengthen the neck muscles.

These movements help tighten the muscles in your body and face, but if you feel a strong tension, breathe in and scream as you exhale.

Get rid of fatigue

Did you know that housework may negatively affect your muscle health? If you feel suddenly tired, you can regenerate the energy needed for your body through some movements:

Rub your hands vigorously until you feel hot, then put your fingertips on your scalp and massage it well for 10 seconds.

• Move your tongue in your mouth several times and pass it on the teeth and molars, which provides you with absolute vitality in the event of sudden fatigue.  

• You breathe in, then exhale through your nose for only a few seconds.

You can also fight sudden fatigue nutritionally by drinking a cup of lukewarm water or boiling thyme syrup and leaving it to stand for 10 minutes.

Cumin, curry, pepper and cayenne help to revitalize your body and get rid of severe fatigue