ways to treat shoulder pain massage | in detail

The shoulder area is one of the areas in the human body most vulnerable to injuries and infections, and therefore massage and massage sessions are allocated especially in the treatment of shoulder pain, and from the methods of massaging the shoulders are the following:

Pressure massage

This type of massage is used to remove and relieve pain and inflammation, relieve tension and muscle strain, and it also stimulates blood flow in the circulatory system to reach the various cells of the body, and to bring the person receiving the massage to the highest levels of comfort and relaxation.

The pressure massage massage targets the tender tissues, which are painful due to muscle fatigue, so it is one of the best methods of treating thin tissues in general.

How is this type of massage applied?

The pressure massage is a natural method of treatment that depends on the use of the fingers to apply pressure to certain points on the body, these points are called arousal points. The excitation points are nerve points distributed throughout the human body where the nerve meets the muscle, which causes irritation in the muscle and surrounding tissues, and this place causes pain in the muscle when the muscle is subjected to a great muscle strain.

The fingers are pressed on these points, and the nerve signals sent by the nerve adjacent to those points are cut off, and thus the feeling of pain decreases, and the feeling of comfort increases with it.

Rubbing and kneading

This type of massage works to loosen the muscle tissues from each other, which often results from great muscular effort, as this type of massage depends on pressure with massage, which generates heat in the tissues, and that heat works to treat the muscle tissues that are superimposed on top of each other.

How is this type of massage applied?

In this type of massage, pressure is applied with the entire palm of the hand as well as with a fist on the area to be massaged, as this massage targets pressure on the surface and deep tissues, and pressure is applied to these tissues, which in turn put pressure on the muscles.

This pressure applied to the tissues works to realign the collagen fibers in the tissues, thus reducing the pain present in the tissues.

Gentle massage

This type of massage is used to stimulate blood circulation and the work of the lymphatic system in the human body, where the work of the lymphatic system is focused on expelling toxins and waste from the body, thus maintaining the health of the body.

This massage also works to release muscle tension in tissues near the surface of the body, thus bringing the person to rest and relaxation.

How is this type of massage applied?

This type of massage is done by massaging with fingers and hands with light pressure during the massage, and the massage is done from the bottom to the top of the body with the aim of stimulating blood flow towards the heart, thus stimulating the heart to bring blood pressure to all parts of the body.

This light pressure stimulates the flow of lymph fluid in the lymphatic vessels, where the massage is performed from the bottom up in order to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, thus activating the work of the lymphatic system and expelling toxins from the body.

Rolling massage

This type of massage works to try to separate the adjacent and superimposed muscle tissues from each other, as a great muscle effort causes a number of muscle tissues to stick together next to each other, causing pain.

How is this type of massage applied?

This massage depends on tightening some muscle points in the tissues and trying to bend them up, as this stretching process removes all obstacles that hinder the work of muscle tissues, which cause the superposition of thin tissues on top of each other.

After this tightening process, followed by movement and gentle massage of the area that was tightened, to keep it away from the adjacent tissues

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