We recommend trying the 5 best Moroccan baths of Marrakech

We recommend trying the 5 best Moroccan baths of Marrakech
Marrakech is a Moroccan tourist city that occupies the famous Atlas Mountains and is considered one of the most important Moroccan tourism cities, as its wonderful green mountain view attracts most of the snowy winter seasons for tourists throughout the year, in addition to its palaces, ancient mosques, modern malls and traditional Moroccan baths that are the best in the world. The article presents a collection of the best and most popular Marrakech baths that will provide you with a wonderful relaxing experience that you must go through during your Marrakech tourism trip. حمامات مراكش

The best hammams of Marrakech

The popular Moroccan baths are one of the cultural and social legacies that tourists coming to the Kingdom are keen to try during their holidays in an attempt to relax, relax and rid the body of its toxins. And there are no months of Marrakech baths to achieve the desired goal and the desired pleasure for visitors to the city, as Marrakesh has about 128 popular hammams classified as the best in the country, including:

One Thousand and One Nights Bath (Moroccan Bath)

It is the most famous and popular Marrakesh bath among the local residents of the city and tourists coming from different countries, where the hammam is famous for its legendary atmosphere that closely resembles the atmosphere of tales in the novel A Thousand and One Nights, in addition to its distinguished services and its location close to the Mosque of El Fna Square, the most famous landmark in Marrakech. افضل حدائق مراكش

Paradise Bath

One of the finest Marrakech baths that provides high-level services that help with relaxation and a variety of packages at reasonable prices for both sexes, including massages, steam baths, Jacuzzis, aromatic baths and a traditional Moroccan bath, with skin cleaning and treatment and foot care using Moroccan clay and natural materials free of any chemical compounds. This is in addition to offering local meals such as lemon tagine with chicken and couscous with meat and chicken. The bathroom is located in Darb Habib Allah, Mouassine district, Marrakech

work hours

It operates daily from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm. حمامات مراكش بالمغرب

Franachi Spa

One of the Marrakesh baths, which combines elegant classic décor derived from the Moroccan oriental and Islamic culture and heritage, with modern services using natural materials known in the country since ancient times. The classic modern bathroom offers sauna and massage services that help with relaxation and physical and psychological comfort, with skin and foot care sessions by expert, friendly and trained workers using clean tools. The place also offers a special service that another Marrakesh bath may not provide, which is double rooms for couples so that they can enjoy the services of the place together, in addition to the ability to book online. The bathroom is located in the Cat Ben Nahed area, near El Fassi Market, Marrakech. work hours It operates daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. حمامات مراكش المغرب

Mawasin Bath

One of the oldest and oldest historical hammams in Marrakech that offer massages, an authentic Moroccan bath, relaxing baths of oils and aromatic oils, and you may not find them anywhere else at reasonable prices and with expert, trained and friendly labor. The Mawasin Hammam is also distinguished by its traditional traditional character and classic design, with separate gender areas. The Mouassin Hammam of Marrakesh is the most popular among the local residents of the city, where during his visit and while receiving the services he likes, the tourists can mix and exchange conversations with the people of the country and get to know their character, customs and traditions. The bathroom is located in the Mouassine district of Marrakech. work hours It operates daily from 5:00 am to midnight. حمامات في مراكش

Rose bath

One of the most popular Marrakech baths and famous among all tourists coming to the Red City, because of its luxury, high-level services, and attractive modern decor and design. The hammam offers massages, saunas and lukewarm baths at reasonable prices, with a special and distinct package known as the Royal Hammam. The place also has full availability of facilities including hair dryers, and services for serving authentic Moroccan mint tea, cakes and bottled water. The bathroom is located in the Dar El Bacha district of Marrakech. work hours It operates daily from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. حمام مراكش

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