What are cupping and its benefits in pictures?

cupping and its benefits

What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient treatment in alternative medicine used to relax and relieve pain, its principle of action is based on the use of special cups placed on the back, shoulders, hands, legs or places of pain in the body so that they collect blood in the place of the cup.

cupping and its benefits

Benefits of cupping

Cupping has many benefits, generally used to relax and relax muscles and relieve pain such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain, and help relieve migraine and rheumatism pain. The pressure from the cup position causes the capillaries to expand, tearing them up, collecting blood in the area and flowing towards them. Cupping has multiple benefits for different body devices.

cupping and its benefits

Cupping and respiratory tract

Cupping helps relieve cough, bronchial congestion and asthma symptoms.

الحجامة وأمراض القلب وجهاز الدوران.

Cupping, heart disease and circulatory system.

Cupping may help treat blood diseases such as anemia and hemophilia, and help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, which positively affects heart health.

الحجامة وأمراض الجلد.

Cupping and skin diseases.

Cupping may also play a role in the treatment of certain skin diseases such as eczema and acne, and cupping of the face helps stimulate the production of collagen and acetynology and promote the flow of blood rich in oxygen, fluids and lymph to facial cells, helping to freshen the skin and regenerate its cells.

فوائد أخرى للحجامة.

Other benefits of the volume.

Cupping may help treat the following health problems: irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, varicose veins, anxiety, depression, paralysis, carpal tunnel syndrome and may help promote the health of the immune system.

أنواع الحجامة.

Types of cupping.

The types of cupping are on: dry cupping, in which heat is used, so that the cup is exposed to a flame of fire, resulting in the oxygen coming out of the cup and forming a vacuum that pulls the skin when placed on the body. The second type is wet cupping, which depends on causing small wounds in the areas to be treated and then placing the cup over it, resulting in blood gathering.

أضرار الحجامة.

Damage to cupping.

Cupping is a safe process, but it can lead to some minor side effects or damage in some people such as minor pain, burns, bruises or infections.

إلى متى يستمر ظهور الكدمات؟

How long do the bruises last?

The bruising from cupping often fades within two weeks.

الفئات التي يجب عليها تجنب الحجامة.

Categories that should avoid cupping.

Here are some prohibitions cupping: It is preferable to avoid cupping in case of fasting, i.e. refraining from food and drink, should be careful when patients use specialty medications to avoid the risk of severe bleeding, avoid cupping in the areas of open wounds, burns, fractures or rupture of tendons, the pregnant woman should avoid cupping in the upper and lower abdominal area, avoid cupping in case you are suffering from bleeding in various forms, cancer or tuberculosis.

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