What are the benefits of a head massage?

What are the benefits of a head massage?

Head massage or head massage is considered one of the beneficial types of massage as its benefit is not limited to the scalp and hair, in addition to it gives the hair many benefits as it carries great benefit on the head, muscles, neck and other parts of the body, as studies have shown that undergoing a daily head massage A period of not less than five minutes is guaranteed to improve the general health of a person , and some natural oils can be used to get more benefit, in addition to that, there are many resorts and centers specialized in conducting hair massages.

What are the benefits of a head massage?

Conducting a head massage contributes to stimulating blood circulation in the scalp , and this in itself contributes to nourishing it with the necessary nutrients and oxygen , thus promoting hair growth and increasing its health and strength, in addition to that it plays a role in revitalizing hair follicles and this in itself promotes new hair growth . Other benefits of a hair massage include:

  • A head massage helps remove toxins accumulated in the scalp due to its ability to increase lymph flow in the scalp.
  • The use of natural oils, most notably olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil and coconut oil, contributes to moisturizing the scalp, and this in itself gives it radiance and reduces the possibility of dandruff forming , in addition to that, it works to protect the hair and its ends from breakage after exposure to difficult conditions.
  • It contributes to treating many diseases, as it relieves feelings of tension and anxiety , and it also helps you sleep better .
  • Conducting a head massage improves the work of the neck muscles .
  • It is one of the treatments used to relieve headache .

How does a head massage work?

The head massage is done through the following steps:

  • In the beginning, the preparation of the room is done, taking care to have relaxation and comfort before undergoing the massage session , and the medicinal oils to be used in the massage session must be prepared , and it is preferable to use a mixture of oils and not just one type , and attention must be paid to the room temperature is moderate and the lighting is not intense.
  • After that, the hands are cleaned and then wet with oil, as it facilitates the massage process and gives more benefit.
  • When starting the massage, the fingers are used and the scalp is gently massaged, and then the pressure is gradually increased , and the massage is from the extremities to the center and from the bottom to the top , and after reaching the upper side of the head, it goes down and massage the neck , after that it is repeated This session is several times , and it is recommended that the duration of one session of massage be no less than four or five minutes .
  • Be sure to massage the center of the head well, as this area has less blood flow than other areas.
  • After this is done, keep the hair in that state for some time, and then wash the hair using lukewarm water and shampoo.

What are head massages devices?

Many devices and hair combs have been created that can be used on a daily basis to massage the head and scalp without the need for an expert in the massage process. These devices are easy to use when you follow the recommended instructions, and there are many companies that specialize in manufacturing these devices, and these devices are effective in giving the same benefit that manual massage gives .

Spider head massager

The spider head massager is characterized by:

  • This device is characterized by its relatively low cost.
  • It stimulates blood circulation in the head and scalp area and thus gives the hair many benefits.
  • Helps rid a person of headaches.
  • You can be put  any kind of oils for the hair to get a greater benefit.

Head and eye massager

The benefit of this device is not limited to the head only, but goes beyond that as this device is intended to rid the eyes of stress and tension when used for a short period of time, and this device is characterized by the following:

  • This device operates on batteries at a specific frequency and is convenient for use.
  • The instructions attached to the device must be adhered to when using.
  • People who suffer from diseases or infections in the eye area or wounds in the head and eye area should avoid using this type of device.

The benefits of a head and neck massage

The head and neck massage has many benefits for the head and neck, including the following:

  • Head and neck massages contribute to relaxation, and reduce muscle tension, muscle pain and pressure.
  • These sessions aim to treat people who suffer from certain diseases, most notably headaches, migraines , tension, or eye strain, or with the aim of strengthening the immune system, or relieving symptoms of sinusitis and jaw problems.
  • Contributes to the treatment of tinnitus, dizziness and vertigo.

It is mentioned that there are centers specializing in this type of massage, so that the cost of one session is about eighty dollars for a session of forty-five minutes, as it is performed by specialists in that, and the person often feels comfortable and improved in his health and psychological state after undergoing the first session.

Benefits of massages for hair and scalp

The procedure for hair massage is initially by focusing on revitalizing and massaging the scalp and hair follicles, and then moving to the strands of hair, as this contributes to stimulating blood circulation, promoting hair growth and increasing its density , in addition to that, it works to reduce hair loss . Other benefits of hair and scalp massages include:

  • It contributes to enhancing the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters that give comfort and relaxation to the scalp, enhance its performance, and give it vitality and activity.
  • When conducting hair and scalp massages, the focus is on the use of oils that promote hair growth, such as coconut oil, as they penetrate the scalp with massage and give a double effect in a short time.
  • It is noted that conducting these sessions periodically promotes hair growth, and is accepted by many women who wish to have long hair or who suffer from the problem of thinning hair.

Headache massage

massage can be performed to treat a headache or migraine. It is possible to undergo alternative medicine specifically that which is based on the science of reflexology (reflexology) , as this science is based on the principle of pressure and massaging certain points in the hands and feet, as there is a domain that concerns each area of ​​the body, and each area is called the area of ​​reflexes As there is a mirror image of the body in certain areas of the feet and hands, when pressing and massaging the points concerned in the head region, this works to rid the head of headaches, stress and tension. The headache treatment points are usually the part between the thumb and forefinger and the top of the thumb.

These sessions give an effective effect and people in many countries depend on them as a basic solution to treat the problem of headaches, especially if it is chronic and drugs cannot control it as required.

Indian head massage

It is a massage Indian head is a treatment that gives the body to relax, as it depends on the principle of his work on the massage acupuncture areas head, face, neck and shoulders. With the aim of re-balancing the body’s energies. This massage is characterized by:

  • Some oils are used often.
  • It is one of the ancient remedies used in India for thousands of years and is able to provide relaxation in an amazing way.
  • The body relieves the feeling of aches, pains and tension, especially in the areas of the neck, back and shoulders.
  • It stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the upper parts of the body.
  • It is considered one of the effective treatments to rid a person of the problem of headaches, especially migraine.
  • The duration of one session ranges from twenty-five minutes to forty-five minutes , after which the person can enjoy comfort and relaxation and greatly relieve the pain he was feeling.

Pregnant women are advised not to undergo this type of treatment , in addition to people who suffer from certain diseases or use certain medications , or those who have recently undergone surgery, or those who suffer from sensitive skin, or those who suffer from wounds in the skin or scalp.